GTA 5 PC Release Date Third Case

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have published the first and second reason why GTA 5 will eventually end up on PC, now let’s get ready for the third reason.

GTA 5 on PC Release Date

First, we know why there is no announcement for GTA 5 on PC yet, it’s not rocket science so we’ll keep it at that. The PC community at it best collect hundreds of thousands signatures for a petition to convince Rockstar for PC release, but to no avail.

So we decided to give our best shot in providing a number of online evidences that could link GTA 5 to possible Windows PC release. The leaks or some might say mistakes of well-known websites such as IGN, Gamespot, Amazon that listed the game for PC even after the consoles announcement. Some removed it others didn’t, and let’s be honest IGN was in Rockstar Games headquarters.

It is possible they know a bit more than we do but the possible NDA signing would get them in trouble if they said something, they already got in trouble a number of times for leaks like this: gta 170x100 GTA 5 PC Release Date Third Case You can still access the web page here.

Is this tiny evidence enough to convince you that there will be GTA 5 on PC? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Why there will be GTA 5 on PC”.

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  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    Facepalm.. Amazon, IGN etc.. don’t know any more than us fans do… It’s all behind closed doors at R* and they are keeping their mouths closed for now…

  • Jack

    Ever heard of a “Placeholder”?

  • dakan45

    Back in 2008 we had the same bullshit going on “oh it is not coming on pc” and “look a windows live box, it is coming on pc”

    Look this wil come on pc possibly along with ps4 and xbox since they have they same architecture and the pc version was a huge mess on pc and still is.

    When its ready, it will be made, they proved with max payne 3 that if they want, they can do it.

    Rockstar has history of getting games on pc late. Eg manhunt 2 came yers later along with bully schollarship edition which was ported to a diffirent engine for its “next gen” remake on x360, wii and pc.

  • Jesse Nicholson

    The only 2 Rockstar games with console exclusivity don’t hold me to this, is Red Dead Redemption and Table Tennis. Max Payne 3 was PC, Every GTA, except the LCS and VCS, was PC. While not a high market, there is a market, and they get plenty of money off the console versions to port it to PC. I’m not saying it will come on PC, but it’d definitly be a turn against the norm.

    • undermyrules

      it WILL come on PC its 100 % certain everybody knows that its just when…everybody think it will be a port but Rockstar said that PC versions will be separatly made from the console versions(not a port) like max payne 3 is…thats why max payne 3 was released just 1 month after console versions.

  • Manish Sandhu


  • Josef Roesler

    Fuck em if they do. They could have had my $50 if they’d released with everyone else, but I’ve watched the whole game on walkthroughs now, so they can keep their shit. Fuck em.

  • Jacob Rinehart

    That site no longer works now.

  • likalaruku

    I was more than willing to pay money for GTAV & RDR, but since they did not make it available for my console, I will be forced to use ROMs & emulate them. They could have made so much more money if they avoided console exclusivity, & all it does is provoke & encourage pirate ports. (I will still buy legal copies if they do make legit ports).

  • Anonymous

    Why so many mistakes Rockstar? Should have skipped 360 and PS3 and made it on next gen and PC.