GTA 5 was poorly written compared to the one of GTA IV

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s of late, I have thought about how the storyline of GTA V is going to be with the new multiple-protagonists system and to be honest I’m a little concerned about it.

GTA V Plot Is Nothing Compared To The Story Of San Andreas

Not because there is more than one protagonist but rather because of the story in general.

If you ask a bunch of GTA fans which GTA game is the best one for them, then a lot of them will say that San Andreas is the best game because it has the biggest amount of vehicles and weapons of all games of the series, it’s still the Rockstar title with the biggest map to date and it also has the most features.

Then again, a lot of fans will say that GTA IV is better because it improved things such as the shooting mechanics, the cover system, the physics, et cetera and the storyline was better and the depth of it that makes the game this, what it is.

A lot of fans enjoyed the gangsta theme in the early 1990′s of San Andreas, but on the other hand a lot of fans like the story of Tommy Vercetti that takes place in Vice City in the 1986′s or the more gritty stories of Rockstars first third-person perspective GTA game and GTA IV.

It’s an endless discussion and it really depends on the opinion of everyone whether you like the story of a certain game more than the one of another game.

Personally, I like the stories of GTA III and GTA IV more than the one of any other GTA game, except Vice City which was also very good, because they were more realistic and gritty, in a good way. Especially GTA IV seemed to be more believable.

I like San Andreas but to be honest, I think that the storyline suffered a bit from the “fun” and the fact that the game was over-the-top at some points.

Realism and fun do not exclude each other, you can have both things but I think it was a bit too much in this game. The storyline wasn’t complete garbage but it surely had its flaws and it seems to me that a bunch of them were only in the game, just for the sake of having as much missions as possible.

The balance between the quantity and the quality of the missions was… well, there was no balance!

Not only that, but the background story was poorly written compared to the one of GTA IV in my opinion. To me, it seems that story was like this just to get you around the map without caring about what was the main point of the story.

CJ came back to Los Santos for the funeral of his mother, and since he realizes that the Grove Street Families are estranged, he stays in Los Santos and he’s trying to bring the families together. But once you have done the missions in Los Santos and once Sweet ends up in being in the prison, it’s like the story makes no longer sense.

I don’t understand why we need to do the Zero missions because Berkley is trying to kill him. Why do we need to control RC vehicles to take over Berkley’s base instead of killing him personally?

Carl isn’t able to do anything to get Sweet out of the prison until he starts to work for Toreno in the desert, near Las Venturas.

But for whatever reasons, he is able to steal green goo from the Area 69.

He doesn’t care about what’s going on in Los Santos either. In other words; the story is weak and doesn’t make sense all the time.

You will probably ask why I’m mainly talking about San Andreas.

The game was the last GTA game of the PS2-era and it was clearly an improvement compared to its predecessors in many areas.

It was obviously fun but I think that the quantity played a bigger role than it should have been.

It would have been better if San Andreas would have had less missions and if the quality of each of them would have been better.

Since GTA V has three protagonists, which is something new in the GTA series (the original game had 8 protagonists but it didn’t make a difference who you played as if I remember correctly), the storyline will be certainly shorter but you can play certain missions from multiple point of views.

Hopefully, this means something good for the story of the game. One thing I’m wondering though is, how the background story of each protagonist is going to be, and how much of an impact it will have on the events in GTA V.

If there are less missions, for example compared to GTA IV, then it shouldn’t be like The Ballad of Gay Tony.

In this game, the majority of missions are over-the-top and I think it’s better if Rockstar is doing it the way they did in all major GTA’s; starting with simple missions that lead to the more complexe ones.

It is true that the story of a game like Grand Theft Auto isn’t the only thing that matters and it doesn’t have to be super realistic but on the other hand, the story should not be sacrified for little silly, funny “features” that are supposed to add something to the gameplay.

It should be possible to take it seriously and I hope that GTA V will do a better job than San Andreas did. What are your thoughts and what could Rockstar do to keep the story interesting?

Are there any mistakes that Rockstar did in past games other than what I have mentioned?

Feel free to share your ideas and tell what Rockstar should not do!


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  • dakan45

    If it is anyting like gta iv, nope

  • Jp

    Well, first of all I don’t want a short storyline for Gta V.. this new game have a huge map and a lot of things (Scuba diving, possibly submarines, planes, a lot of cars, animals, three principal protagonist, and more) to make incredible missions and a full and long story. You’re right, San Andreas have a lot of mistakes, but Rockstar already fixed it.. we saw it in Gta IV, so I don’t worry about that, I think this company have a lot of experience and they know the mistakes they did before.. In my opinion Rockstar can handle perfectly the multiple-protagonist system.. I hope so haha.

  • bimboobom

    This website is clalled Society and religion. Not GAMES.

    • Ghostman69

      Games are a part of society

  • peter

    At first i have to ask you something. Why are you playing games? …ah, yes i know, because you want to have fun. You criticize the story of Gta San Andreas, because it´s not always coherent. But there are other things that count. I liked the “story” of GTA SA more, because it had such a high variety of missions. Not always: Go to point X. chase person A with your vehicle, kill person A. or: Go with your mate to Point X, kill all drug dealers, gangsters, …… and escape the cops: To say it short: Kill him, Kill them, bum bum bum.

    This was GTA IV. I liked the story, but i didn´t like the mission. There was no variety, always the same. In GTA SA you had to steal the train, capture a plain, “steal green goo from the Area 69″, win some races, play with “RH vehicles”, rob a casino, fight some gang wars, climb some mountains, burn weed plantations (:D). That´s fun.

    Not only the missions, the whole world of GTA SA gives you more opportunities. Wasteland, rivers, a mountain, 3 complete different cities, dozens of villages, forrests.
    More vehicles, more weapons, more things that would never have never crossed my mind. Fly a jetpack, drive a go-cart, a train, a plain able to land on water, that´s awesome.

    Fun is more important than realism. Fun is closely connected with variety. Connect the story of GTA IV with the variety of GTA SA and the nostalgia (music,..) of GTA VC and you have a really good game.

    I have GTA SA since 2005, and i still play it sometimes.

    I want that. I want to have fun playing GTA V in 2020.

    • Jp

      You’re right, the variety of missions is very important, I almost forgot the mission of the weed plantations B )
      GTA SA is a classic, and many people still playing it. GTA V is going to be epic and I think this game will have a lot of stuff to do during the “free-time” and when we’re done with the story. For sure we’ll still playing GTA V in 2020, dude!

  • McGaheyMan

    I personally liked GTA IV’s dark storyline. It added some emotion to the game and brought you closer to Niko. Judging by the trailers we have seen of GTA V so far, there won’t be much of that in Rockstar’s newest installment. A long, dark, somewhat-depressing storyline wasn’t what was wrong with GTA IV, it was the game’s map. So if Rockstar go with a humour-filled, unrealistic storyline involving three guys we don’t care about, well then I’d be VERY disappointed.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Cry,cryyyyyyy, cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! If you care about story that much, then go and watch a FUCKING MOVIE! But if you want actual gameplay, then go play GTA V! I’m so tired of retards who goes like, Bioshock Infinite and The Last Of Us = Game Of The Year or century, I mean for fuck sake? they only have STORY! Shit gameplay, bad weapon arsenal, repetetive combat, bad npc AI, worthless spells, expect 1 or 2, short story and A LOT of DRAM,DRAMA,DRAMA! Cry, cry, cryyyyyy! I mean remove the girl from both games, what do you have? a non drama story, with shit gameplay etc, it would be classed worse than Call Of Duty Black Ops 1.

      • Luke

        Here, I see your point. But my point is that we already know that the gameplay will be really good so I just hope that to make the game that bit more special that the story is memorable and that it doesnt drag down the game as a whole.

  • Matthew Nicholas Higson

    why do you want less missions? GTA SA missions were brilliant, especially if you watch the videos, i dont want less.. I WANT MORE!! why ask for less when theyre willing to give more play time to the game?

  • Precipitation:June 9

    Dear God. I wish this page would just shut down. Find something else to do

  • Sam

    ‘GTA V plot is nothing compared to the story of San Andreas’

    ‘ I have thought about how the storyline of GTA V is going to be with the new multiple-protagonists system and to be honest I’m a little concerned about it’

    ‘I think that the storyline suffered a bit from the “fun” and the fact that the game was over-the-top at some points’

    ‘it’s like the story makes no longer sense’

    ‘It would have been better if San Andreas would have had less missions and if the quality of each of them would have been better’

    so what is your point, all i read was contradiction followed by the pointless view of a sad person who no1 could give a flying f about.

    my advice to you sir is never connect to the internet again, its a better place without you….trust me

  • Syn

    Oh for god’s sake, shut up will you? You make a new article about GTA V every single day, each of which are worse than the one before.
    This is society and religion not society and gaming. If you’re not complaining about something, then you seem to be suggesting something really stupid and unrealistic instead. Give it up, your wasting your time and other people’s time

  • anthony

    This article is flawed, unless of course you striked a good deal with Rockstar and they privileged you with exclusive play-through before anyone else. Comparing GTA V’s plot with a game that’s already been played millions of times (GTA: San andreas) is ignorant.

    • dnell

      Hahahah that comment made my day, even though I’m abit late

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Saints Row 3 sucked and IV looks just like a DLC of it, with no contents whatsoever. Rockstar are known for making games with A LOT of content, GTA , Red Dead redemption, Max Payne etc, so I doubt Saints Row 355 would have a chance against GTA IV.

  • Gavin Marshall

    This is the most pessimistic website in the world, I swear.


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    “grand theft auto 5 -examiner -society”


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