GTA 5 Property Buying Online Money Making

  • Craig Burlingame

    I for one am going to play a 5 set Tennis Match, get in my car, go to the top of the hill, launch myself off, and crush the other player.

  • Britt

    Yeah we liked buying property but I hope you realize that we are going to be playing as 3 different characters that already have a home. If you are looking for a nice mansion just play as Michael. If you wanna live in the ghetto play as Franklin. If you wanna live in a trailer park play as Trevor. It’s all there and there isn’t much aspects to property anyways, besides income from buildings, but as far as housing… Not that much. I’m sure through out the story you’ll unlock property and or businesses which generates money for you. I think Rockstar wants you to explore the world rather than staying inside a home they create anyways.

    • AshyLarry

      I guess u dont know that franklin doesnt live on the ghetto. He stays downtown in a hotel. Not sure of the name but i believe its a upscale hotel.

  • Joe G

    Bullshit article.

    • Franky

      I thought it was very insightful. Lots of useful info

      • GTAlover

        are you serious? most of his facts were wrong, his grammars fucking awful and its a very pointless article

        • Guest

          Well GTA, to be fair your grammar isn’t very good either.

        • Niklas Griffiths

          Well GTA to be fair your grammar isn’t very good either.

      • Kacper Piecyk

        There was no info. Well, now I know that he doesn’t like tennis but that’s just it. The rest was just his opinions, some unspecified suggestions and a couple of horrible ones

  • Jeremy Sheer

    Dude you dont even leave your name or writing credit. Where the crap do you get this information? Get a degree.

  • Al Tareen

    Who the hell wrote this article? Makes absolute no sense at all

  • zonkedout1

    If you want to buy and customize property. Play saints row. GTA is a darker game about tough choices and kicking ass. Tennis is gay.

    • dsg

      youre gay

      • Luke

        You just made my day.

    • gtav

      Shut your mouth child molestor!!!!!!!!

  • GTAlover

    what are you on about? Rockstar so many different mini games to play, hunting, bike racing, PROPERTY OWNING, heists obviously, scooba diving, hitch hikers, strangers and thats not even half of it, you really need to get your facts before writing an article.

  • King Chism74/ ReallyDarkTho

    I Hope GTA V has Realistic Speeding Laws n Running Stop Signs Laws n Red Lights.

    • Kevin Rama

      That’s the most retarded suggestion I’ve ever read.

      • King Chism74/ ReallyDarkTho

        Tell Me Why You Think Its Retarded. Because It Gets Boring Being Able To Fly Pass a Police and Nothing Happens

  • Hippo

    Why would GTA V be on a website about Religion?

  • gerald

    “Mini-games. GTA III era games were like having bunches of lots and lots of mini games.”

  • Unknown

    Is this guy retarded? Or does he just not know how to edit? This article also had nothing to do with buying and selling homes in GTA V.

  • Buh o.o

    I need a pee.

  • gtav

    Shit i hate tennis and golf, i don’t like bikes and would never go deep sea diving! But put that shit in a gta game and ill be busy for months. Speak for yourself i love me some R* mini games.

  • Fred

    This article is shit.

  • James

    Pointless article. I’m pretty sure that you are just talking for yourself when you say about mini games. Neither tennis or golf is my thing, personally I would prefer football (soccer) as a mini game but that does not mean I’m not going to go scuba diving or bike racing.

    And then theres your comment about graphics. People like you ruin video games when you will base a game on the graphics. I wouldn’t care if GTA V’s graphics were from 2007, what I care about is the way in which the gameplays. Take Retro City Rampage as an example it has game boy graphics but was released in 2013 and it’s one of my favourite games of this year so far. Stop making articles!!!!!!!

  • Donnie_*

    I can’t believe people are complaining about graphics in this game, I am absolutely dumbfounded to be honest. GTA is a game running 50SQ miles compared to SA (13sq miles). The depth, game play and level of interactivity is unfounded in the game world not to mention the deep shooting mechanics like max payne and RDR. Do you even realize how much computer power it takes to run these types of game engines on a 7 year old machine? didnt think so, because your some kid. GTA-V looks absolutely stunning, jaw dropping even. The mo-captured actions, colors, shading, draw distance are all to an astoundingly high level – and even if that wasn’t the 50SQ mile GTAV, the graphics still look absolutely amazing!! get off your little ant hill and research how a game like this shouldn’t even exist before running your childish mouth – or better yet, thank your lucky stars people care enough to work 5 years on a game and not just shit it out. mongo