GTA 5 For PS4 Marginally Better Graphics?

  • Ragdoll

    Stop spamming google news…I’ll be reporting this site.

  • Rahul

    wrong wuestion the question should be wud u buy ps4 for gta 5 answer is hell yeah

  • Ron

    No I would not buy a ps4 for gta5. I would wait until there are 2 hand full of good games for the ps4 until I get it. Gta 5 merely would just fall in the first hand.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Lol I would buy ps4 just for gta v, because it’s the only fucking reason to still play games when every other company has become money crazy and shit out half completed games every year.

  • Blake Eric Hansen

    We were promised GTA 5 on PS3 & Xbox 360 by Spring… until
    Rockstar were paid big bucks most likely by Microcrap to delay release
    because of Xbox 720 and PS 4 release dates. I will not buy a PS4 or
    xbox 720 just to play GTA 5… I will instead dump my stock in their
    company and never buy another Rockstar product ever again.
    SAINTS ROW 4 will most likely be more fun anyway.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Haha if you think saintsrow 4 will be better, I tell you why it will not.
      Saintsrow 4 just looks like a dlc of saintsrow 3, same graphics,same city,same animation, the only thing they added was a flying “space station” over the city and added some superpowers to the player.
      Why gta v will pwn any game 2013-2015.
      Rockstars have worked on it in more than 5 years and are known for making masterpieces not shitting out new franchises every 1-2 years that looks almost the same and don’t have really anything new.
      The game will be set in los santos as most part of sanandreas took place in, but will be bigger than gta iv,rdr and sanandreas combined.
      The Animation,shooting are from Red dead redemption and max payne combined and enhanced.
      The driving mechanic is from gta iv that had epic and skill required driving but are made a bit heavier and little more racegame friendly wich sounds to me like the perfect driving that will be out there.
      The Graphics and lighting of gta v is just so fucking beatifull… I’ve never seen so good water effects or cloud rendering in any other game before, hell even crysis and battlefield failed with that.
      The game will have tons of stuff to do including massive multiplayer with many new games,freeroams and at the same time have a big singleplayer mode with 3 playable characters, missions that change on how you decide to execute them,side missions,buying properties,companys,clubs and alot more.
      Don’t forget driving dirtbikes in the mountains,go hunting animals or getting chased by police dogs.
      Grand theft auto v will not be a game.. it will be a fucking MASTERPIECE! So Gtfo you failing Troll!

      • Niklas Griffiths

        Don’t forget all the veiclhes as planes,helicopters,dirtbikes,motorcycles,ATV´s,submarines,jetski,race cars and all the new mini games and alot ALOT more!

        • johnnygold

          Yea and the size of the map And all the small things like in san andreas plus way more to find out

    • Niklas Griffiths

      The reason they delayed the game was to imply new stuff into it, if you even were paying attention about gta v previously, then you would know that Rockstars first said you woulden’t be able to buy properties, then when their fans started complaining, they delayed the game and now you can buy properties,clubs,companys and alot more! I would rather want a company that decide to delay a game, loosing tons of money, just to please the players, not a company that shits out a game every 2 year, that gets more boring and repetitive for every time, and takes place in the same city, with everything even the graphics looking exacly the same, just that they added a silly spacestation over the city.. Rockstars could do that aswell, but they would sell it as a DLC not a fucking new game, and it would probably only take a month for them, when it took 2 years for Volition.

    • johnnygold

      Wow you would of been better off saying your buying a wii u. Your wrong about the reason and have you seen sr4 gameplay ? Its sr3 with super powers and new weapons. Sp tell me what could this have been… DLC. Oh but wait…. they’ve said it was orginally supposed to be dlc by the devlopers their selves. Sr4 couldn’t compare to gta v

    • Jim Robison

      Uh no. saints row sucks. Grand theft Auto games blow that and most games out of the water.

  • you know im right

    comaan you guys the ps4 and xbox720 is gonna be beautiful dont you rather wait an extra few months to play the best game there is on the best console there is?

    • Niklas Griffiths

      I DO! But the question was wrong, it said do you think it will be on next gen, not would you want it to be on it. “If there was a bet, we would say 50/50 on GTA 5 unveiling this year on PS4.

      GTA V on PS4?”

  • Fanhar

    you have promised to us that GTA V will be released on PS3 or Xbox 360. if you guys keep launching GTA V on PS4/ Xbox 720, SCREW YOU. You guys are bitch, suck, damn. I dont want to buy PS4 or Xbox 720 just to play this fucking GTA V. Keep ur promise guys! you’re a man.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Retarded much? they will sell it on the ps3 and xbox 360 aswell, but why shoulden’t they be able to sell it on next gen for the players that wants to play their best game with full experience meaning smoother gameplay, higher resolution,textures and anti aliasing.. cheap bastard.

  • czad85

    I will buy PS4 and if GTA V will be on PS4 It will be my first game which I will buy!!!!!!!! :)))))

  • czad85

    PS4and GTAV – excellet match!! :)) I will buy both!!!

  • dec82

    I don’t think gta v will come to next gen until next year and I think that’s the right thing to do,I cant see myself getting an xbox 720 until after a few months because I got stung by both ps3 and xbox360 last time and im sure im not the only one.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      never had problem with my ps3 :P

      • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

        me niether, things great!!!

  • Killer

    I’ll buy a ps4 console and gta v cuz its going to be the best game out this year

  • Dirk Huber

    Im honestly done with this gen… I will definately hold out for the ps4 version, if stupid microsoft doesnt buy out exclusitivity rights for it…. Witch just fukn sux (cod map packs)

    • Niklas Griffiths

      They can’t as sony and Rockstars are friends and take two are against xbox one idea to take fee for used games.

      • fdscvbgffdefgh

        they will still be “taking twice”

        see what i did there

        • Niklas Griffiths

          And the fact that PS3 just got exclusive enhanced sound mode in GTA V, just proves my point that Sony and Rockstar are well known partners, woulden’t surprise me if they went with PS4,PS3 and Xbox 360 and just skips Xbox one, because of the fact that Xbox one’s fanbase is dropping fast, also that Take Two(publisher behind Rockstar games) are against their idea of handling customers.

  • randomperson



    Advice for GTA V fans: For future searches type this

    “grand theft auto 5 -society -examiner”.

    • fdscvbgffdefgh


  • Mxk

    I WILL be buying the ps4 so a little bit more of a wait doesn’t bother me at all. GTA 5, bf4, knack so yeah I can wait no bother. Just hurry R* please.

  • poop

    Highly depends. If its severely undercut because of the PS3 and 360`s dated graphics and such, and its some lousy port (which rockstar has always been known to do, is do BAD porting jobs.), i wont. Eitherway, im 50/50 and im still deciding if i should get a PS3 or PS4. (My old PS3 died, so i might replace it. But i might just pay an extra $100 and get a PS4 instead…)

    • Niklas Griffiths

      “Bad porting jobs” my ass. <<>>. They had their reasons to delay GTA IV on PC, so cut the BS.

  • GoogleIT

    No… just no. Both the heads of Take-Two AND Rockstar have said GTA V will NOT be released on PS4 or XBOX One.

  • meysari

    Here is the biggest reason why should I buy a ps4 because if I buy gta v I can play it on my ps4 because the ps4 can stream ps1, ps2, ps3 games sadley im addicted to deadrising 3 so maybe I will buy both consoles xbox one cant stream xbox360 games if it did I would buy xbox one

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    They should just do it for all 4 systems !!!! XD its as simple as that! But id much rather play it on PS4!!!

  • Angel Kireii

    Rockstar isn’t stupid they will have way more sales of GTA on the last gen console. Not EVERYONE will chug out 100’s of dollars just for the ps4 alone but another 60 for the game. It’s just not realistic for them to help Sony garner more money than themselves. Everything about this article is just a selfish proclaim jibber jabber :/ @hole

    • Angel Kireii

      But it will be nice to have on next gen :) but even better for you to simply play older gen games in the next gen :/ but of course these people are money hungry

  • Jewbacca Matt

    a game cannot be next gen if it is released on this gen systems too…why make the developers waste money and time writing the game for 2 whole new systems with no new technology when all that effort can go to GTA 6

  • Brett Lovejoy

    The game comes out roughly two months before the next gen consoles do, and if people truly want this AND next-gen technology, they’ll purchase both, as I am going to do. Why is it such a big deal? If they want to port it in the future, let them. I’ll buy it, as will many others.

  • Janae Chambers

    it will be the second i buy