GTA 5 PS4 Trailer Release Date PC

  • liam

    please release the pc verson with the same missions as the x box 360 and ps3

    • Daniel

      ano I want them to release it to pc with same missions as xbox 360 and ps3. who ever agrees write L.M.H agree.

      • kane

        L.M.H AGREE

        • joe


          • bigt123

            i agree

          • bigt123

            the new gta5 is ganna be so bad ass.. i can already tell..

    • dilan

      please release the pc verson with the same missions

    • Carlsson

      Please realese the pc version quicker because i cant wait to play Gta V!!

  • Brian

    Wow, very great article that introduced me of some things and also reminded me of other things.

  • tom

    briam write L.M.H Agree, dont u want the pc verson coming without the same missions as the console. lol
    the reason I didnt get gta iv pc verson cos it didnt have good missions.

  • steven

    I would love that L.M.H AGREE!!!!!!!!

  • jambvj

    everyone please write L.M.H AGREE

  • Faizan Ali

    Im a big GTA Fan and i am a PC Gamer, Very very very sad how R* treats us, If the game is another shitty port then its only the Exclusive Video Editor im in for.

  • Jimmy

    if it is just another badly done console port like GTA4, they can keep it, if it requires steam, they can also keep it

  • Gabe

    Just some guy looking for false hope,I’ve got news for people who think this means absolutely ANYTHING,remember how flabbergasted we were when that HUGE GTA V leak came out shortly after the trailer that seemed Legitimate and turned out to be fake,yeah that’s what this Is.Now don’t get me wrong I am 100% positive there will be a PC release,but don’t expect It until at LEAST 10-11 months after consoles.

  • shadowfear

    No steam
    No ports
    Id be happy

  • armyofnerdyberserk

    no pc suck .

  • Brian

    What does L.M.H Agree mean?

  • Jon

    A good and comprehensive article stating the facts for once.
    Thanks! Very encouraging, as I refuse to buy a console for this game (but I really want to play it on the PC!).

  • S1LV3R_W0LF

    Hello man, nice article you have there, but could have given me the credit for writing it. I did it to give hope to PC players after all the research I’ve done throughout the Internet and posted on GTAForums where you took this from.

    Also I’d like to say, yes I wrote this to give hope, but all of this information can be confirmed and you can find it yourself with a few searchs, but I’d like to leave another one that was pointed out by a member of the same forums named sats:

    This user said to be a Rockstar employee and the fact is, he gave the right names back in March and said there would be 3 protagonists, only Albert name was changed to Trevor, but most likely because of the earlier leak of that name. He also let an “inside” brochure of T2 proving what he said.

    I’m sure there will be a PC version 1 or 2 months after consoles release, there are no signs of exclusivity contracts this time and most likely won’t be a port, so no need for a delay to discriminate PC players even more.

  • me

    i agree L.M.H
    I find it ridiculous because gta was actually first released on pc and from the very first GTA to gta iv there has always been a pc version so i dont really understand the reason gta 5 isnt coming out on pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://rlaslevel.acom RW

    Posted by S1LV3R_W0LF next to the article you wet lettuce.

    • S1LV3R_W0LF

      Wrote an answer for this bellow, just later I noticed I posted as a new message and not as reply, but couldn’t edit it.

      So the answer bellow is for your comment.

  • iuli35

    fuck you man whe whant for PC i have alienware pc is work on alienware pc fuck you guys whit rockstar whit all i give a shit for your ps3 and xbox 360 realease fuck off guys whit your rockstar games

    • Tweaq

      K00L, a dell.

    • Carlsson

      He’s right though…

  • S1LV3R_W0LF

    Well I was gonna apologize, because I didn’t saw it in the first place, and it’s the first time I see something being posted in my name without not getting noticed about it or a link to know from where it was taken, but since you’re so “respectful” to those you took the information from, I won’t do it.

    Anyway I’ve seen a lot of people posted this same article taken from here and the most commn comment is about the title, which I agree it doesnpt feat at all, in fact the purpose of that list wasn’t to “leak a PC release date”, but to show all the leaks/ facts that point towards that.

    A way or another I created a thread specifically with what I said with all the sources/ images to backup what I said, so no one says it was just a list created by a fan.

    The reasons and sources are in this link and I hope you and whoever took the article from here notices it:

    • Trickish

      Dang dude you are on a role you really give good details about stuff in or not in minecraft

  • Neelakash


    HELL! those who want gta5 in consoles and not in pc.

  • Kitarp

    Hell yeah… on gaming PC, GTA V’s gonna be gr8….
    FU*K xbox n PS 3…..
    PC’s gr8………u can do anything on it…
    Agree L.M.H..
    Wats L.M.H BTW?

  • padgeyboy

    now come on all you xbox and ps3 Nerds, be fare you are getting gta v now let pc gamers get there gta v. Stop your bitchin :D


    Also the fact that Amazon has a PC version for pre-order. Now they removed the release date that was the same as for consoles.

    But you can still order it for PC.

    • disqus_q1UtJUyuFH

      Do remember, it’s not official from R*..

  • Realist

    GTA4 on PC was a pitiful console port, GTA5 would be the same in that sense, fuck you rockstar, shove your console port up your ass

  • Ironbunny IonBunny

    I just hate consoles, do consoles have a mouse and keyboard possibility, then i would truly buy one, if not screw them, i hate fag joystick where u have to basically learn for years to become a master. like since you were just a kid, it’s too late for me i just hate joysticks too much, even though i have two in my drawer to play some racing games ON PC ahahha lol. I don’t use those either :(

  • Aris Nuqman

    is it gonna release on PC? I Really Hope it release on PC because all other GTA Series on PC but why should GTA V release On PS3 and XBOX 360 only? Why Not PC? Rockstar, We’re really hope you release GTA V on PC too, I Will get Ready My Money If GTA V release on PC And Ready to Pay!