GTA 5 Screenshots PS3, Xbox 360 vs PS4, Xbox One

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]creenshots for GTA V are from the current generation of consoles, says Rockstar.

GTA V Screenshots Xbox 360, PS3 vs Xbox One, PS4

“To @icharyd and others who are asking, these screens are from the current generation of consoles.”

Rockstar Games squashed the rumors that GTA V will be on its way to PS4 and Xbox One.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to check out GTA V latest screens.

We absolutely love how much more vibrant and colorful the whole thing is compared to GTA IV.

This is a huge step up from GTA IV, that is for damn sure. There is no need for next-gen right away, give us GTA V and we’ll be set for a long long time.

We hope this explains a bit why there is no marketing material in the past few months.

Rockstar just like to release info after a prolonged period of time.

This doesn’t mean the marketing stopped as it’s all a part of the plan.

If Rockstar consistently released information then people wouldn’t gain so much hype over some screen shots.

We don’t think we will see any more info anytime soon after this, this is just a way of Rockstar telling us that they have not forgotten about us.

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