GTA 5 Screenshots PS3, Xbox 360 vs PS4, Xbox One

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    What’s this article for, people who only visit this sh*t site?

  • Cedric Cole

    No shit of course it aint on next gen because next gen aint out yet

  • Guest

    The only reason these articles are created are for the revenue. The people them are a bunch of disingenuous morons.

  • disqus_U7Hf5e9q6q

    The only reason these articles are created are for the revenue. A bunch of fucking leeches. The people behind these articles are disingenuous morons. Might as well make an article called “GRAND THEFT AUTO IS A VIDEO GAME THAT EXISTS.”

  • Chocago

    How can you compare screenshots to systems asss

  • Dec82

    Why does this website exist

  • Eat A Stupid Butt

    You’re going to hell for these retarded GTA articles. A bad hell. Inside Robin Williams’ belly-button while he watches Jay Leno reruns 24 hours a day.

  • chevyuk

    Mini-games. GTA III era games were like having bunches of lots and lots of mini games………………… kill yourself

  • B3T4

    This articles gave me cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, Dyslexia, Herpes and more shyt :( Anonymous need to shut down S&R…

  • BabyFarkMcGeeZak

    and this is the fucking website who kept bragging about how they were doing next gen, after rockstar came out 5 thousand times and kept telling you fags that they aren’t doing next gen. fuck next gen. Ill play GTA V for the next 5 years. fuck this website.

  • poracaso18

    i only visit these GTA V articles on this website for the rage comments :D

  • iisbutton .

    another awful job S&R Staff