GTA 5 Strip Club Boob Physics

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he thing is that we find the titillation provided by games to be limited.

Realistic Artificial Intelligence Breast Physics in GTA 5

Just to make things clear, pixels and polygons aren’t really a turn on for us.

We would rather have the real thing, or failing that proper porn (i.e. real people on camera), but let’s set that aside for the moment, because there is actually a small point of interest to make here.

Over the years, Rockstar Games have been making their animations better and better.

When GTA IV came out and you took your first trip to the strip club, you can see that it was fascinating, not because it was a turn on (it wasn’t anyway), but more because of how much the modelling and animation had improved.

But quickly one realizes that it is still nowhere near being as good fidelity as the real thing (obviously).

Which brings us to the point that perhaps we would like to be making.

Within the constraints of the graphics capabilities, especially bearing in mind that this is an open world game and this isn’t meant to be the central focus of the game, how much better and realistic would it be possible to make such depictions of the human form?

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  • Krosis

    I think it’s time OP went outside and found some friends. Maybe losing that virginity could help.

    • Michael Halliday

      I lol’d!

  • IchiYamamoto

    Sure, why not. Give it some realism.

  • TruthBeTold05

    When you start craving for artificial AI, you know you are losing and need to get out more.

  • Alberga Dickenson

    They better have a new 991 comet

  • William Oliver

    Appalling. You wrote an article (Well, really just a mess of grammatically incorrect sentence fragments…) that discusses something completely irrelevant, made further irrelevant by the fact that half the article is about what “turns you on.” Its blatantly obvious that you’re desperately trying to keep your sorry excuse for a news website afloat by vomiting forth atrociously written and childish articles like this one. Time for you people to give up trying to be journalists, it’s not working.

  • Guest

    What a piece-of-SHlT article!

  • noname

    wow one sentence paragraphs

  • Michael Halliday

    Haha fucking loser, get out of the house and find a girlfriend.

  • ShutdownThisSite

    This are the best articles OMG!!

    Said no one ever.

  • Carpetfluff

    Sticking the word release in every headline for more hits now? Sad, sad, sad. As much as I’d like to keep coming back to give you grief, I’ll just be adding to your hit count so take this one as posted for every crappy article you post from now on.