GTA 5 Update DLC Release with Zombies Survival Mode?

  • Tubby Ben

    No no no no fucking zombies please!

    • Danny Man

      Kill urself kid mouth breathers like u doesn’t deserve to touch a controller. Just imagine a walking dead online mode?

  • craig

    they already did that with Saints Row 3, and it got boring fast

    • Thomas Andrews

      because saints row are idiots anyway

  • bigjones

    Surely R* can come up with something original rather than jumping on the zombie bandwagon. I for one wont be purchasing a zombie dlc.

  • Ryan

    “Depends on the quality” ???

    This is Rockstar. You don’t have to worry about the quality. They don’t make crap games.

    • Jakob Cook

      Sorry to be the devil’s advocate here, but Rockstar DOES have it’s share of problems in the games they make. sure, they aren’t as serious or as numerous as other games, but still, the problems exist. It’s exactly the same with any other game company.

  • thomas hunter

    Zombie dlc was ok for read dead but no not grand theft auto. Id rather expansion dlc for furthering the story for the trio or a new story for new characters dlc. Zombies and gta just wouldn’t be right

    • Thomas Andrews

      It would, just check youtube for grand theft auto 4’s zombie mod

      • HEXABONE

        Or the fact that gta sa has a DAYZ mod, check it out, and you wont say that it does not fit

  • Toilet Roll

    They’ll become sheep if they do

    • Thomas Andrews

      Oh really? So the fact that a TON of their fans are asking them to do this AND the fact they did it for red dead redemption means your comment and you are both stupid.

  • Austin Horenkamp

    Who would not want this!!!

  • Jim Jones

    Dayz already has this game sorted out I personally dont believe that GTA 5 would be a requirement for this genre. Are you thinking go rob a bank, beat up a cop, defend against a horde of zombies and then go and play pool with your buddy? GTA has always been about breaking laws its not a game for survival.

    • Toochie Woochie

      dumb ass it would be out of the campaign nigga, like black ops 2

  • bimboobom

    If you want over the top weapons go play Saints Row. I wouldn’t like Zombies. Rockstar may aswell get on all fours and say baah..

  • john

    Rockstar aren’t stupid

  • matonking

    The zombie DLC for red dead redemption was just fantastic. I played that MP survival mode to absolute death.

  • Jamie Blake

    Are you fucking retarded. The whole gta concept would not make sense or work. You only put zombies in shit games like call of duty to keep twelve year olds happy. I’m pretty sure rockstar aren’t as stupid as you to even think of an idea like that, you deserve the biggest slap in history. It would be there best work ruined instantly. stop writing these articles. You should be fired. It only worked in red dead because of the setting and time period. Gta 5’s setting is to modern and recent for this concept. Stop asking these stupid questions and just wait for rockstar to make the finished game which everyone knows will be incredibly brilliant in lots of different ways.

  • cleve

    i think it would be a good idea for multiplayer and sense you can switch from all three characters to play in singleplayer they could make the map bombed out my vote is yes sounds like a good idea and if you dont want it dont buy it

  • James Manbat Ba-oh

    HELLO!?!?!?! Red Dead’s Undead Nightmare was awesome! Imagine how good Gta 5 version could be!??!?!

  • Chris

    I suppose if you want to play DayZ but without the authentic ballistics, persistent inventory, vehicles, crafting, ect. then yeah. Great.

  • Jesse

    No reason they shouldn’t make it, if you don’t like zombie mode, nobody is forcing you to play it. The point is that most people want it and I personally think it would be great.

  • Indy Ponto

    Ladies and gentlemen, a legit article.

  • Beat

    the undead nightmare pack for RDR was fantastic i heard.

    i’m a sucker for zombies and effected and i’m sure Rockstar wouldnt let me down.
    so, why the hell not.

  • tom


  • Corey Mink

    Zombies is a great idea, it would also fit in because in GTA V there is a chemical Lab facility. With that in mind tht place could be the origins of the disaster.

  • Pj

    WE WANT CARS GREAT IDEA FOR ZOMBIE PROOFING VEHICLES!!! JS…. maybe even a zombie car with offensive abilitys….