Is GTA V the world’s longest video game for play time?

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]TA 5 set to be the longest title on an open-world setting?

GTA 5 is The World’s Longest Video Game?

The amount of play time in Grand Theft Auto series is considered to be among the longest compared with other video games and with GTA 5 to hit the shelves in September gamers are expecting much more play time than usual.

It’s the biggest map, so why not they biggest story mode. Of course we want there to be side missions, but we really don’t want to finish GTA 5 in say, 15 or so hours.

We all know Rockstar isn’t the type of company to focus on their multiplayer like most companies, but you have to admit, some games nowadays from our favorite companies are releasing shorter and more scripted games.

Look at Assassin’s Creed 3 for instance. Great Game, but the story is shorter than Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood. Comparing Assassin’s Creed 3 to Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood because Revelations, was awful and boring.

Assassin’s Creed 3 was a great game, but it just felt more scripted than Assassin’s Creed 2 or Brotherhood. The longest game many gamers probably beat in recent years was Mass Effect 3 or Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs had the pointless side missions which weren’t interesting at all, apart from one or two. Plus their side missions were so repetitive none of them unique and all the things they had in the open world were completed using the most basic logic.

We’re just saying that we hope GTA V will offer a longer story than any other Rockstar game, ever, and more freedom with the missions. Not saying GTA is already scripted, but some missions in the GTA franchise will let us have freedom in different missions, especially San Andreas.

Combined with the huge number of missions required before the game is completed San Andreas can easily raked in hundreds of hours to beat.

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  • Joe G

    Try reading the Game Informer article. All these quarrels have been sorted already.

  • thomas hunter

    Wow I liked sleeping dogs and their side missions. You apparently didn’t play all of them because some are unique

  • Guest

    Wow. This article is bad. 15 hours is not a long video game! And we do want a game that is freakishly long! Oh, and your poll doesn’t even make sense!

    • UnknownUser28

      You didn’t read it right, he’s saying that 15 hours is bad.

    • Joey Misita

      Re-read this and you’re going to feel like a returd.

    • gold

      they were saying that 15 hours was a short game. and the fact that this is a big map it needs a long story that could play off with out loosing interest. they are giving us more than our money’s worth.

    • Wake

      No you just can’t read dude! The only thing correct is the senceless poll! It said longest franchise! I voted gta but maybe it’s final fantasy! & he clearly stated gta has hundreds of hours of playtime & freedom!

    • Chris

      silly billy lol

  • HiItsSam

    Could you cover ( what I think ) might be dlc for GtaV? Anyway as DLC could it possible be, Michals wife or pherapist, Franklin’s bud and Trevor’s, well Trevor’s somthing. Or maybe characters from missions, like how they ‘met’ louis in gta4? Or the guy being chased by the dog in trailer 2 :D

    • oredebe

      Got it, thanks for the suggestion :)

      • ya right

        san fierro as one dlc, las venturas as another lol

        • Niklas Griffiths

          haha ye ya right, a whole new city as a dlc, not like they were focusing on los santos city for years, but ye it will probably only take about 5 months for them to make a whole new city.. retard

          • ya right

            that or they have been working on them for just as long

          • Niklas Griffiths

            Doubt it, would be glad if it happened but still doubting it.

          • ya right

            I doubt too. I just want to be first to be able to say “I told you so” if it remarkably happens

          • Wake

            You call him retard, but obviously you didn’t pay attention! They’ve said they have stuff they’ve created from ages ago for gta that they couldn’trelease to to systems lacking resources, plus they said they plan on adding islands online as gta online becomes it’s own thing

          • Niklas Griffiths

            We were talking about GTA V not GTA Online you fucking imbecile.
            GTA Online is not a part of GTA V as Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North said himself, it just start at Los Santos but will eventually grow and have new cities, countries etc as it’s going to be a mmorpg later on when it launches on next gen and can take more than 16 players.

            Still Rockstar themselves said that they won’t have big DLC’s/expansions like they had in GTA IV with GTA V, and a whole new city as a DLC is a kinda BIG DLC don’t you think?
            So please learn to read before making a such stupid statement.

  • Tom

    15hour campaign long ? Guessing people forgot L.A Noire with a estimated 25 hour

  • Niklas Griffiths

    This article is retarded, you’re telling me assasinscreed 3 were better than 1,2 and brotherhood? no way… Even revelations felt more fun to play and had a better story, and that was a bad game.

    • Wake

      He said nothing about better game. Maybe you ppl should read a few times cause obviously one ain’t enough! He said longer

      • Izzy E Cole

        I think most just skimmed this article and saw a few keywords and went off their rocker. The asses are assuming in full form today it seems.

  • Bob

    They should make a smaller map, but different versions for different time periods. And allow time travel. So for example youd be in liberty city but could visit it in 1900, 1925, 1950… etc 2020 haha. Idk might be too sci fi for gta..

    • NeedleDickDoug

      Like Chrono Trigger…

    • Dan Lombardo

      I think saints row had time travel, jerk. The only way we will see los Santos in another time period would be a ‘stories’ title, which they don’t seem to be continuing with the advent of multi characters/storylines.

      • Jamel Frazier

        Saint’s Row definitely didn’t have time travel.

  • BabyFarkMcGeeZak


  • Jamel Frazier

    I’m pretty sure GTA IV was 30 hours not including side missions, dates, and activities.

    • Wake

      Yea & V is longer! The heist alone are 15+ hours & they’ve revealed the main missiobs aren’t the heists at all! Thats not the objective just the selling pitch!

  • danny

    U have to think that gtav will be longer than 15hrs with the main story missions and all the side missions and all the mini games in be tween and the huge map as well so it will be a long time till u complete it and then when Ur dun UV go online to play with and 700 online missions as well I think we are looking at the biggest GTA yet :-)

  • Izzy E Cole

    I’m gonna play the hell out of this GTA because the years between making a new GTA game are getting longer and longer and by the time GTA 6 comes out, I’ll be entering a nursing home. Bring on the V

    • Chris

      haha true true

  • Guest:

    Horrible writing, don’t you have an editor

    • Chris

      don’t pick on people about there spelling man come on the only time you need to worry about your spelling is if your applying for a job or sending a letter to your president or mayor

  • vb


  • Ush Lee

    Bad article, it was based on your opinion than facts.

  • Fuckyamum

    Would be great if you faggots could refresh some more old posts taht have comments months older than the refreshed article, you fucking losers need to be shut down. Am not visiting this page anymore for more refreshed old news in a desperate attempt to generate more clicks for your shitty website with fake writers.