GTA V PC Release Possible With Online Evidence

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]F[/dropcap]rom these series of posts, we will compile a list of reasons (with so-called online evidences) why Rockstar will actually release GTA V on PC sooner, rather than nothing.

Strong Case For GTA V On PC Release

You can never underestimate the PC community of Grand Theft Auto, soon after the PC version of GTA 5 has been left out from the release announcement which includes PS3 and Xbox 360, there has been an uproar.

An online petition that has been created exclusively to convince Rockstar to release GTA V on PC has been signed by hundreds of thousands people over the world.

Search terms from Google saw an upward trends of people searching more and more whether or not there will be GTA 5 for PC.

Now, let’s start with the second evidence.

Previously we had strong case going forward with Rockstar Games meddling with PC gamers on Steam with their GTA V reveal.

Don’t worry we have another Rockstar blooper to show you, this time a mistake from the developer’s part:

Rockstar made the mistake of including parts of their test files in a Social Club Update (that or some employee about to get fired did it), they made another update right after and removed the content and the folder labeled GTAV, they never gave any explanation:

social club 170x100 GTA V PC Release Possible With Online Evidence

As you can see, there are a number of references to GTA 5 codebase in the socialclub.dll file. While it doesn’t give you anything, still more interesting than the game’s actual release date on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • suckthesenutsbiitch

    Keep dreaming yo, PC version will not be released this year nor will the next gen version, they might not even be released at all.

  • Michael Justin Baker

    Well, sure, not this year, GTA 4′s PC release was over 6 months later I believe. I hope, however, that Rockstar noticed how much PC Gamers would eat this game up, and won’t take quite so long this time. Here’s hoping for March at the latest!!

    As far as a next-gen version, I agree it probably won’t happen, as Rockstar all but said they weren’t going to. If there ever is one, it is likely it will just load a little faster and have a better draw rate, not have a huge graphical difference, might even be cheaper than $59.99 by the time they do, IF THEY DO.

  • csdfwerwwee

    I only play PC games. Never had any consoles so…ill have to wait.

    I dont care if the game degrades a little…as long as its playable, its good enough.


    Advice for GTA V fans: For future searches type this

    “grand theft auto 5 -society -examiner”

  • David Barry

    GTA will probably be more popular on torrents if it gets released for PC.

    • Tristan Natsirt

      First of all, Bullshit. Second… They would TECHNICALLY only be getting HALF the game :) Gta Online will be a BIG seller

      • Jeremy MacDonald

        On The Pirate Bay their is a group called “NOSteam” And they crack the online part of the game, so TECHNICALLY we’re getting the full game :)

        • Sirius

          There’s a lot of MP cracks yes, but that’s through the steam MP API, where-as RS had 2 logins needed for GTA IV, 3 if you count steam. You had to be on GFWL and then login to Rockstar where you had a CD key on your account. Personally I like that.

          • Gandu

            I downloaded a hacked version from Razor1911, which allows GTA IV Multiplayer. There are no problems.

          • Sirius

            Ya it’s possible for 4, but with 5 everything is online, on their servers. Without a legit account I doubt people could get into MP. SP is pretty good, but *shrug* still think people who wanna play online would pay for it.

  • junaidshah

    ahhh when gonna i play this Game in my PC?????? I can’t be patient any more….

  • Ankur

    One thing is for sure that the PC version will be out. Those who think it will remain restricted to PS3 and XBox 360, wake up from your dream. However its highly unlikely that the PC version will be released along with/ near to the release on other platforms. Maximum probability is of its release 6 months after the “Judgement Day” – September 17th.
    But Rockstar should at least announce the release date on PC even if its coming late. This will give its fans (like me) a definite amount of time to wait. Now its like waiting endlessly. Rockstar should understand that GTA is a franchise deep rooted into the hearts of people like me. I don’t consider Grand Theft Auto to be a game, but I worship it. Its god to me. And there are many such people in the world who are die hard fans of GTA. Rockstar is treating them badly. There are a few things which stand above business.

  • nope

    If its a crappy port I’m gunna torrent it as a big f@#k you, i would not pay for that shiz. I would expect it to be just as good maybe even a bit better graphics wise than ps3 or xbox

  • simon

    when you login the social club at leaderboards you can see pc platform on left corner

  • Caught you red-handed

    Stop editing the article’s time to make your article appear newer just so you can get more views. I don’t think it would be possible for the comments to be older than the article itself.

  • Fuckyamum

    This god damn website is worse than kpopstarz with their fake news spam that is the same article refreshed. You faggots need to just stop “reporting.” I am no longer clicking any links to “news” from this shity traffic funnel. Fuck yall and eat a dick too.

  • John Craft

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