GTA V Walk Into a Bank and Deposit a Bag of Diamonds

It has basically been confirmed that there is a mission or set of missions based around a jewel heist in Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA V Diamond Heist and Money Cheat

What interests me is what would the protagonists do with jewels.

They can’t exactly walk into a bank and deposit a bag of diamonds.

Which leads me to believe that there will be some outside influences on certain heists and why we pursue them.

Ideally, stolen jewels would be better off in the hands of someone of mass wealth, who can buy the jewels from our “heros” and distribute them discretely overseas.

This makes me think that not every heist will be about getting cash for the three protagonists (Michael, Trevor Phillips and Franklin), but perhaps pursuing the desires of others.

Here is a scenario.

Lets say Jimmy (Michael’s son) gets kidnapped by the mafia from Mexico.

Is Diamond Heist In GTA 5 All About The Cash?

The Mexicans will only give him back on the conditions that our three protagonists break into the military base and rob the armory, supplying them with weapons.

What do you guys think?

What would the protagonists do with the jewelry?

What outside motives could there be for some of the main heists?


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  • TheUnknownInternetUser

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  • Eat A Stupid Butt

    “Gee, i wonder what they’ll do with the diamonds.”…..”you can’t eat a diamond.”…..”you can’t live in a diamond”….”you can’t pray to a diamond” What the fuck? Have you ever seen a movie? Plenty of them have people stealing diamonds. What do you meabn “they can’t exactly walk into a bank and deposit diamonds.” are you legitimately retarded? they’re criminals. you can’t exactly walk up to someone else’s car and rip them out of it and steal their car whenever you feel like it, but they do. here’s an idea for you next bullshit article: “Real College Courses in GTA.” Then say stuff like “Im not very smart so i’d really like the ability to go to college in GTA and get actual credit. it would really broaden their market share and demand for the game.” you are such a fucking moron.

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  • jamaica

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  • joeutdmk

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  • justerthought

    Not a problem. In Skyrim you sold stolen stuff to a ‘fence’. GTAV could have a similar system so it’s not an issue to worry about until we know how it’s implemented. Heists like you mentioned will probably be in the game to add variety, but there should be plenty of black market contacts to fence your stolen diamonds.

    I suspect you will be stealing a variety of stuff such as art from private collections. You will definitely be stealing stuff to help progressively harder heists, such as missions to steal specific weapons, vehicles, gas bombs, masks, suits and disguises you might require for a bigger job.

    For example you may require the help of a systems hacker who in on the run hiding the forest. In order to find him you may need to steal a police helicopter than has an infrared camera on its nose to locate him.

    Later on, Trevor will probably buy a helicopter and fit an infrared upgrade to track runners who are hiding in the forest and mountains when doing the harder bounty missions for that fat lady.

    • James

      I don’t think the player will sell things such as diamonds taken in heists. When have you ever been able to sell something in GTA. Besides if you watch the heist part of the gameplay video as he smashes the glass and takes out the jewels/watches his money instantly goes up. This will proberly be the same with the diamonds at the end of a mission. Unless im uninformed and R* are putting a selling feature into the game I can’t see it happening. Nice thought though. Actully nice to see someone who isn’t negative on this site :)

      • justerthought

        Yes your right about the diamonds, I remember the cash going up as he took them, so the selling is automatic and bypassed to speed up gameplay. Nice spot. I’ve been playing Skyrim too long

        • James

          Don’t blame u it’s a great game :)

  • James

    Ok this is for everyone to read including the asshole who wrote the article. What has happened when you stole something in a previous GTA……. yes that’s right your money goes up at the end of a mission. If you watch the gameplay video while Michael smashes the counter and takes out jewels/watches his money instantly goes up. As far as the diamonds are concerned it will be just the same as when you steal cars, weapons or alien goo your money will go up at the end of the mission. If this ‘selling’ feature was in the game tbh it would be pretty shit. I mean when have you ever been able to sell things in GTA before, adding it in has a 50:50 chance of being an absolute disaster. It’s a nice concept but not something I belive will happen. Hope this helps people.

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