HTC-One (2)

HTC One 2 Release Date 2014

The new mobile phone that HTC will release soon will be called one of the following names – HTC One 2 or HTC One 2014.

But the question that a lot of HTC fans would often ask is, “When will the new device be out in the market? The question is not that hard to answer especially since there have been lots of rumors that are circulating all over the net about the possible release date of the new mobile phone. Aside from the release date, several rumors also talked about the specs and features that this new device will be equipped with.

Mobile World Congress

If rumors are true, the HTC One 2 might probably be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress that will be taking place on February of this year and will be held in Barcelona, Spain. It is also during this time that the specs and features will be revealed to the public.

HTC Corporation

Before we go on to find out the actual release date of the new mobile phone from HTC, let us first find out a bit of information about the company. The HTC, known as the HTC Corporation, is a Taiwan based manufacturer of mobile devices and tablets.

The company’s headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan and they started with their business operations in 1997. The company is also involved in manufacturing, designing and developing touch screen phones and PDAs that are based on the Windows Operating System.

Of all the devices that the HTC has produced, it is the HTC One mobile phone that has gained so much popularity and earned various recognitions worldwide. So it’s no wonder why a lot of people have been looking forward to the release of the HTC One 2.

Features and Specs

According to a report online, which is said to have come from an insider, the new device will come with a larger screen display that is about 5 inches. Furthermore, the mobile phone is also said to be powered by a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm Inch.

This new mobile phone from HTC will also come with great features, such as the twin sensor camera on the rear that will also feature the UltraPixel technology. With this technology, the camera of the HTC One 2 will be able to deliver excellent quality photos as well as videos with high resolution.

Release Date

A lot of HTC fans are so excited for the release of the new mobile phone from HTC and so they are eager to know when the device will be available in the market. According to reports coming from highly credible sources, such as Bloomberg, HTC will unveil the new phone during the Mobile World Congress that will be happening in Barcelona on February 24 until the 27th. But HTC fans will have to wait for another month before they can finally get a hold of the HTC One 2 because the company is said to release the device in the market in March.

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    Be better to call it – Htc One Two.