Instagram For Windows Phone 8 Needs To Stop

I seriously can’t take it anymore.

Why Windows Phone Users Need To Shut Up About Instagram

The amount of whining and complaining about Instagram not being available on Windows Phone needs to stop.

It’s bad enough on The Verge, but if you go to a site like WPCentral it gets completely mad. It’s like an alternate world where people went completely insane… I am an ex-WP user, so I am very much aware of the state of delusion some of the WP users live in, but seriously, this needs to stop. It’s especially frustrating because Windows Phone is an OS that showed so many promises when it was introduced but is being completely ruined by Microsoft’s mismanagement.

First of all you are using Windows Phone. Nobody forced you to, it was your decision. This has consequences – your OS is nice and smooth but some apps are missing. That’s the reality and it has been that way for some time now.

You have every right to choose your OS. But you have no right to go on whining, complaining and demanding an official Instagram app. Or any other app, for that matter. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

Second of all, whether Instagram exist on Windows Phone is solely Instagram’s decision. Now there are perfectly valid reasons why it makes business wise no sense for ‌Instagram to invest into Windows Phone (yet). But the fanboys will ignore those, because they are special and they can make demands that nobody else can. “Development, maintanance, support costs you say? Humbug we say, do as we demand!” Oh hey, Asha, Tizen, Blackberry, whateverOS users, where is your right to the Instagram party?

But I wanted to offer one more reason, why Windows Phone does not deserve an Instagram app. That’s right, WP doesn’t deserve Instagram – not as long as Microsoft is not able to fix their stuff and offer a comparable OS experience.

I’m talking about the broken notifications system of course. Everybody that used WP for a longer period of time knows just how much notifications suck on WP. They get lost or if you are lucky, arrive late. They are simply unreliable – and reliability is the single most important property of a notification.

Instagram is a social network and those very much rely on notifications. I can’t tell you how many times I got frustrated with WP because I missed a notification. If you look at the Windows Phone Store and the reviews of apps that rely on notifications (all IM apps, Facebook etc.) you will find a ton of reviews that deal with problems related to notifications. Most people have no idea (and really, why should they?) that this is actually an OS issue and the developers of the application can’t really do anything about it. It just throws a bad light at them, not Microsoft.

I would go as far as to say that there is not a single one app on WP (other than the built-in Mail clients) that offers reliable notifications on WP. Not a single one. (And I don’t care that it works for YOU, I’m talking in general.)

The point being – no matter what Instagram would do, the WP experience would be crappy compared to the other two systems. That alone is reason enough for Instagram not to be there on WP.

Once Microsoft closes all the holes and catches up with the competition, they will be able to extend the user base and you’ll finally get your Instagram app (and all the other apps too). So go ahead, bitch and moan. But direct your energy in the right direction. The bad guys aren’t the developers who don’t develop for your platform. The bad guys are sitting right there at Microsoft, posting pics on Flickr and not doing their jobs.

So to Microsoft I say this: Fix YOUR shit first (yes, Skype too) before you expect any help from third parties to move YOUR OS where YOU want it to be.

Rant over, I apologize, it got a bit longer than I wanted.

Written by MrBurrrns

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  • Mike E. Delta

    Let’s go! You, ME. Mano e Guano!! I call dibs on Guano…in your face!!! lol =p

  • Varun Jain

    Awesome ! I was waiting for this ! Nicely written. I hated IOS so badly before using Windows Phone!

  • esail

    one of the reasons that people don’t buy a windows phone is that it does not have all of the popular apps. Windows phone needs popular apps whether people need them or not.

  • Pedal_Harder

    Nicely said, and I like my WP8 but the notification center missing is a pain. Not enough for me to go backwards to iOS or Android but seems like this should have been a priority for MS to fix asap. I only miss the Strava app that I had on my iPhone. But the email and calendar functionality on the WP is so much better then anything I every had with the other two OSs.

    The other problem with WP is MS does not know how to sell it. They need to show that the WP OS comes built with many of the functions that the others need apps to accomplish. Voice texting (writing and reading), search through voice, even song recognition is all part on the OS. Email integration with my office and with home accounts, including GMail has been far better. MS needs to watch the Apple commercials and learn how to advertise to people at a level that speaks to their needs and not some techies wants.

    • maky

      How to recognize song in wp8. Im using Lumia 620

  • jpowers29

    “You have every right to choose your OS. But you have no right to go on whining, complaining and demanding an official Instagram app” It is always so striking to me when people like this author have the nerve to tell others what they can and cant do. Then goes on to chastise and belittle those people.

    Consumers can beg, whine, rant, complain all they want. They have EVERY right to do that. Instagram has EVERY right to decline. I would argue this though, the Windows Phone users aren’t hurting their chances by making noise. They do themselves no good by staying quiet so I recommend they keep it up.

    As far as WP not “deserving” the app because they don’t have a notification center, WTF are you talking about? Instagram was released in 2010, a full year before iOS even had a notification center. It blew up without a notification center. Would a N.C. be beneficial to WP users? Sure. Would they enjoy and use the app without one? Absolutely. But hey, it’s your world. You get to tell people what rights they have and tell companies what they deserve so what do I know.
    I too was a Windows Phone user and only switched to Android because the HTC One is so damn good looking.

  • loweg2000

    We have every right to whine. It’s called the First Amendment. Does instagram and others have the right to not make apps for WP. Yes they do. It maybe foolish. They are loosing customers that increases with every month that WP market share goes up. There are plenty of third party apps but you would think that the providers would want to control and provide the best experience with there service. Look at the hole that MS caused when they made a full YouTube app. Google couldn’t control the ads. You say there is a problem with WP push notification and everyone knows it. Maybe its your carrier. I get notifications all day from social networks and news feeds. Usually at the same time as my Desktop and Surface. You cant stop people from whining. If people didn’t complain how would anyone know there’s a problem. However people should look at the alternative apps. And if they had instagram already on iOS or Android there is no problem running a third party version on WP with same account settings. The only one that really are complaining are the bloggers. Also another secret. If you don’t already have an instagram account use an Android emulator on your desktop, download the app, create an account, Curiously I don’t see what all the fuss is about instagram. You can get the filters, crop and post to twitter photos without it. People stop being sheep. There are other ways to learn to do something.

    • Layne-Elda

      I have never had issues with Toast notifications either, and the way I see it, people who do have issues with not receiving their notifications, are people who think all apps have notifications, and get mad when they’re not receiving the non-existent notices, or they keep battery saver on all the time. With battery saver on you’re only going to receive push notifications from things like text messages, and things that are built into the OS. Battery saver stops background apps, and also stops notifications from apps installed from the store.

  • Danny Boy

    WP users can just use 6tag for Instagram. it’s great for me. As long as 6tag (or Instance v2, when it’s done with beta) is around, I’m not waiting for Instagram to come to WP anymore.

  • chris

    It seems this is a frustrated, useless and ignorant person that wants to call some attention talking bad about an OS, because the title has nothing o do with the article which make him look like a hater instead of a person that actual use and review, the shouldn’t allow ths kind of people review anything.
    btw wp8 its a great OS choice and if instagram haven’t made an app for wp its not because it sucks its just they are waiting for the OS become more mature
    and there’s there is 3rd party apps like 6tagram or instance that actually make instagram pointless

  • abhi

    Why do you need a misleading title for your article to get people to read it

    • Yuan Taizong

      I agree, this person just seeks attention for their whining, and complains about others doing the previous.

  • Yuan Taizong

    ¿Why does this article still exist? Oh yeah, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, excluding male Windows Phone-users (–_–)…

  • Lance Stern

    6tag is an amazing Instagram client and doing very well on the windows phone. A notification center really is not the end all be all. If you want a social network notification, use the built-in Me app in the people section.

    Society and religion .com is becoming a joke site to me. I these are opinion pieces they need to show up in searches as opinion pieces.

  • Layne-Elda

    And you call yourself a journalist…tsk tsk. As far as not having the popular apps, WP has almost all the top apps now, and for things like Instagram and Vine, we have 6Sec and 6Tag, both are created by the same developer as unofficial 3rd party apps, and Rudy even got permission from Instagram to make 6Tag, and he even sent them the app before he published it to the WP store, giving them a chance to evaluate it and give it the okay. I love my WP8, honestly though, I feel like WP8 was Msoft’s way of just getting their foot in the door, we’re gonna see the “Blue” update add some pretty cool features, but I think the real deal is going to be the simultaneous launch of WP9 (Which may be merged with RT), and Windows 9. I think Microsoft is closest to having a universal app store, and that’s what I’m waiting for.

  • justd80010

    There are SEVERAL great Instagram apps from independent, third party developers. 6tag is the best of them IMO and I cannot think of anything the official app has that 6tag lacks. Instance and Hipstamatic are cool too. I created my Imstagram acct on Instance with no trouble.

    • Santiago Martinez R

      Agree. The only one that loses here it’s Instagram. We’ve seen this before with Twitter and its official app in Android: they just took too much time developing the official app, and when it finally arrived it was unnecesary because of other great apps that made the job before them.

  • Pinnsvein

    I disagree completely with the author which in my view is the one who is whining…
    The fact is that my current Windows Phone (Lumia 920), is far superior to my previous Iphone and to most Android phones. The operating system has no glitches, works seamlessely and does not look like a christmas tree on the screen which is the case of Android and Iphones.
    And apparently I am not alone. Very recent figures show that Windows phones have doubled their market share in Europe in only one year (at the expense of who?).
    Somebody is simply bribed at Instagram to not release the application for WP. It is that easy…

  • jhtanglewood

    Please people, start boycotting this site.
    They use misleading titles to lure you in and, even worse, they rename & republish the same article over and over just to get on top of searches and news feeds.
    This site is nothing more than spam with useless, uninformed rants.

  • Taylor Phipps

    You talk alot BS to be honest whoever made this article. Windows doesn’t deserve Instragram? how pathetic and immature…and didn’t you contradict yourself? You said it is soley down to Instragram to invest…so who gave you the right to say Windows doesn’t deserve the app? duh.

  • Elliott Hansen

    Whoever wrote this sounds like an asshole. You’re not even brave enough to take credit for your own thoughts. You should be a little more professional and a little less of a… Well you know.

  • jhtanglewood

    “can’t take it anymore”

    Ironically, that’s how I feel about your “website”.

    You talk completely from your ass, post misleading headlines and generally post inaccurate hate.

    We get it, you want clicks for ad revenue. You have suckered me in for the last time.

  • Angel Alva

    fuck this article
    iwant the official instagram on windows ASAP

  • Simon Tupper

    you’re whining about people who whine about instagram… Annoying, that’s what you are.

  • Lance Stern

    This is an OLD ARTICLE. Why is it reposted and front page material as if it’s new?
    WP users don’t need Instagram. 6tag is head and shoulders better, bottom line

  • kent

    what a stupid article, if you are bitter about Windows Phoen and Microsoft, you need to shutup since no one forced you to listen to any whining or use WP

  • joriginaloak

    you are just a tit and need to get off your high horse…just cos you have a broadcasting platform doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to hear your drivel

  • Jeff

    Lot of good comments in here. I like to see the rest of the world isn’t as ignorant or idiotic as the author of this article.
    I will remind everyone to look at the website name this article came from: “Society & Religion”. Where have we seen moronic radicals like this before? Oh yeah! In Religion! Just another group who wants to control thought by controlling speech. Nothing from this site should be taken seriously.

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    But…Instagram did make a Windows Phone 8 app…it’s been out for 12 days now…are you stuck in the past?

  • Charles

    Dude, Where’s My App is an App on Windows Phone that give you the option of requesting unavailable apps be produced for Windows Phone. This was a Microsoft provided app. I told US Bank that they have 6 months to create banking apps on Windows Phone or I’m taking my business to another bank. I don’t care what you say. You’re an idiot for leaving Windows Phone. And you need to shut up.

  • frank

    This is absolutely not a reliable sorce for any tech information or discussion, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about: anyway what can you expect from somebody that sign himself as “MrBurrrns”. this website is just garbage I think they get paid from apple

  • WinMetro

    Sorry but Instagram has arrived to Windows Phone. So you can suck your dick while WP users enjoy it because the app gap has narrowed. Your “notifications” problem might be fixed in WP8.1 when the Windows 8 (WinRT) push notification API and services finally arrives with the 77% API sharing with WP8.1 and Win8.

  • Tyrelle Watts


  • Drake Richter

    When exactly did you use windows phone?

    Notifications work fine for me – text and email notifications are faster and clearer than they were on my old Android phone, and text includes facebook messages.

    Also, instagram is available for windows phone 8, so you’ve pretty thoroughly nuked your credibility.