Install WhatsApp On Any PC; 2014 Method; Tutorial; Video

Install WhatsApp On Any PC; 2014 Method; Tutorial; Video

WhatsApp, although it doesn’t have a Windows version, can be installed on any computer with this operating system through various methods, but I will talk about one that currently works best from all we know.

To install WhatsApp on Windows, we will use BlueStacks (install it from its official website), a free virtualization software platform for Android operating system.

After the installation process, by the way, can take up to 20 minutes for weaker systems, you will be prompted to connect to your Google account (Gmail) and activating its own application store. When finished, press the “Let’s go!” To continue and install WhatsApp Messenger.

Install WhatsApp On PC Instructions:

Normally, it should automatically open Google Play, Android store. If not, click Search. Enter “WhatsApp” in the search box, and then click “Search Play for WhatsApp”. You will see a list of applications made ​​for this search. Click on WhatsApp Messenger icon then when the application description is displayed, press the Install button. Accept the necessary permissions to use the WhatsApp Messenger application.

 Install WhatsApp On Any PC 2014 Method Tutorial Video 2 Install WhatsApp On Any PC; 2014 Method; Tutorial; Video

Wait for it to be installed, and then open it by pressing the Open button. At first run, WhatsApp Messenger will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of use. If you agree to the terms, click “Agree and continue”. Next step that you need to specify is which country you are in and the phone number you want to use with WhatsApp. After selecting the country and entering the phone number, press the OK button, confirm that you want to use that number, and then wait for application activation.

WhatsApp Activation On PC

Since we don’t install WhatsApp Messenger in a smartphone, SMS activation will fail. Instead, you will be given the opportunity by voice activation the key. Click “Call Me” and pay attention to the phone whose number you entered earlier. In a few moments you will receive a call from an international number. Reply and write the code indicated by the robot.

Enter the code in the box provided by the robot for WhatsApp Messenger activation and henceforth assume that you can handle on your own to get to the contact list.

Remember that before you shut down the computer to close the BlueStacks application, to not lose the applications installed therein, including WhatsApp Messenger.

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