Install WhatsApp on your PC For Free Download

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]W[/dropcap]hatsApp is actually hailed as the new cream of the crop of the instant messaging services nowadays.

Although the service is way ahead of its fierce competitors, there are still a lot of features and functionalities that are actually lacking on the app, such as the ability to chat using your computer, which is a feature which other apps have already adopted. On this article, you will find out the steps on how to install the WhatsApp on your personal computer or laptop.


As of now, the developers of the app have not released an official program for PC and laptop users, which is why users will have to rely on their smartphone if they need to use this application. The best thing that you can do in order to enjoy the app on your computer is to download the software called BlueStacks. The software is needed in order for apps, such as WhatsApp, to be able to function on your PC.

Installing using BlueStacks

The process of installing the app using BlueStacks is just so easy. As a matter of fact, it will take only up to 15 minutes of your time. Take note that BlueStacks is actually a type of Android emulator and you can download this from various sites in the Internet. It is this software that will set up a home screen on your PC in order for the app to function in the same way that it does on your smartphone.

Things to Consider

Before you install WhatsApp, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration and among these are the following:

  • When you need to activate the app on your PC, the account on your phone must be deactivated. You cannot use both accounts at the same time.
  • BlueStacks is only available in the English language and can only be used for English only applications.

Using the App on your Computer

As soon as you have downloaded the BlueStacks software, open the program and you will find a search icon. Refer to the left hand side and type in WhatsApp on the search field. Click on enter and a page will open up where there are instructions on how you can install the app on your PC. When you’re done, you will find an icon on your desktop that you can simply click and the app will open.


Having WhatsApp installed on your PC is certainly very useful. But there are also downsides that come with it. As mentioned, the app cannot be used on two devices at the same time. If you really need to use two devices at the same time, then you need to create two accounts. This way, you can log in with the other account on your mobile and use the other account on your PC or laptop.

Another downside is that any contacts that you have which are not synchronized with Google will not appear straight way. They will only appear when you need to send them a message. You also have the option to add contacts coming from a previous installation of WhatsApp on your computer.

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