iPad Air Specs More RAM Needed

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]F[/dropcap]or as much as the wave of iOS devices cost, and as cheap as memory is, I don’t really think it is very excusable that Apple didn’t up the RAM this round.

iOS may beat Android at being lean and mean, but that really doesn’t mean that iOS users wouldn’t benefit from more RAM in their devices.

Further, iOS 7 uses more RAM. That means applications have less to work with, and that applications have to re-load more often. Its no big deal the vast majority of the time, but if you are in the middle of writing a post in one tab, look up information in another tab or another app, that may be enough for Safari to reload the tab that you were on (losing the post). I’ve read that its a real problem for folks, especially if they are using a 3rd party browser like Chrome.

Written by Nickerbocker

Firstly, this isn’t even a rumor, let alone revealed information. As others have said, Apple online tech support won’t know anything about the amount of RAM in the 2013 iPads until they are in the hands of people. We won’t know for sure until Tues night or Wed night this week when NDA’d reviewers are set to publish their reviews. My bet is on 1 GB RAM. Certainly on the iPad mini w/Retina. The iPad Air may have 2 GB, but that’s more wishful thinking.

For my uses, 1 GB isn’t enough. I get frustrated when this or that app, or this or that web page has been closed. 4 GB is probably the eventual sweet spot for iPads if they are general purposes computers they are designed to be, more RAM is definitely needed. By sweet spot, I mean the practical minimum for years and years.

It looks like Apple is on a 2 year cycle for RAM increases, so the 2014 iPhone and iPad will get 2 GB. Then, 4 GB in 2016. With memory compression and hopefully swapfiles implemented in iOS 8 or iOS 9, they become even more computer like, and may relieve some of the RAM pressure in 1 GB iOS devices.

For the 90%, I think 1 GB is fine for a 2 or 3 year device cycle. It hurts as we’re on the back end of the 1 GB RAM cycle, but it’ll be ok for now. There’s a lot of URL link style ads and stuff in iOS that can open up many many tabs. Apple will have to deal with that soon as it definitely puts in friction into the system.

Written by Aenean144

It’s especially bad to have only 1 GB of RAM when you have iOS7 and the new multi-tasking system.

They should’ve doubled both the RAM and the storage (which they didn’t change since 2010!) in this edition. It’s not about the costs. They’re just greedy, because iOS devices sales have slowed down (especially the iPads), and they’re trying to still have “records profits” each quarter, even with lower sales.

And yes, I know how the new iPhone “sold” at launch (actually those 9 million were just channel stuffing, especially in China), but overall both iPhone’s market share and iPad’s market share have fallen pretty significantly over the past year or so.

Written by hover10

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  • PurelyCoffeeBNZ

    It’s unlikely there will be more RAM in the ipad mini than in the bigger brother versions. … margins are tighter on the smaller device. The key question if you’re buying Ipads isn’t the RAM, but the storage space. If you’re concerned about RAM, you wouldn’t be buying an Apple device…