Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made of Agni’s Philosophy?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]hortly after Sony reveal the PlayStation 4 in February, there has been a lot of talk over Kingdom Hearts 3 on social media which some expected it when Square Enix was present at the special event.

Xbox One and PS4 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3

If we don’t get Kingdom Hearts 3 during the PS4′s lifetime I’m going to bomb Square Enix headquarters

Says Sujan Sooriyakumar on Twitter, one of the many Kingdom Hearts loyal fans who waited almost seven years for Kingdom Hearts 3 since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 on PlayStation 2 in 2006.

Although the project has yet to begin development, Kingdom Hearts 3 was a subject of rumors and speculations especially among the fans themselves.

This is because the third title serve the purpose to complete the cliffhanger in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Some believe it would create more immersive world when it is built from the ground up from far more powerful machine.

With PlayStation 4 coming at the end of this year, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura and co. should have already start dedicate their time for the system most likely with Luminous Studio engine that has been demoed recently at the PlayStation Meeting conference.

At the conference, Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto boasts the company’s next generation Luminous Studio engine running on PlayStation 4.

It is the same as last year’s Agni’s Philosophy, featuring the incredible lighting and volumetric effects capable on PS4.

According to Hashimoto, the incredible visual fidelity of the demo is Square Enix’s target goal for PS4 development, is this what Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made of?

There also has been a number of speculations that the title could be headed to a Nintendo console.

In 2011, Metro noted rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 would appear on the Wii, though added that due to recent comments on high-definition graphics, this was unlikely. They did note, however that another rumor indicates that Kingdom Hearts 3 would appear on next-generation consoles, specifically the newly-released Wii U.

Nevertheless, rumors are still rumors. We never know for sure when exactly Kingdom Hearts 3 releases but with Disney’s acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm (creator of Star Wars), there will be a huge collection of franchises and characters to choose from, fans may not be able to contain the anticipation any longer.

Are you still excited for Kingdom Hearts 3?

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  • Twilord

    If they choose Wii-U then they could release the first two part of the trilogy with some tweaks as another game and get a whole new audience.

  • Travis Romano

    “This is because the third title serve the purpose to complete the cliffhanger in Kingdom Hearts 2.” This is why the obsession with the number 3 drives me crazy. Nothing in Kingdom Hearts 2 is a cliff hanger at this point. There has been a game that hints at what Mickey’s letter said at the end of KH2, a game about what Mickey’s letter said, and a game about how Sora and Riku respond to Mikey’s letter. There is no Cliffhanger from Kingdom Hearts 2 that has not been followed up on.

    • Ashton Fisher

      Well actually, the ending to Dream Drop Distance left open a whole new cliffhanger, as did the ending to Birth By Sleep. Kingdom Hearts 3 was a game that most people can say was basically revealed before Versus 13, since the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 told fans that the game would have a true sequel. But Alas, Square-Enix has found many ways to avoid talking about what fans really want and giving us more of that Lighting crap.

      • Travis Romano

        Oh, I know. I can’t wait for the next Kingdom Hearts game. Possibly excluding the browser game. I like the idea of a social Keyblade War game but micro transactions are annoying. My frustration comes from the idea that a Kingdom Hearts game needs the number 3 behind it to succeed the Kingdom Hearts 2 story. The KH2 ending told the audience “Sora goes on to have more adventures that may have absolutely nothing to do with the story that was just wrapped up. Also, this game called Birth by Sleep will exist.” Kingdom Hearts 2 had Sora find Riku and King Mickey, The Organization defeated, Malefacent reduced to a minor threat, Namine and Roxas return to where they belong, Ansem and Riku redeeming themselves, Axel’s bizarre actions in Chain of Memories explained. At the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 the story was resolved and the writer had to use vague references to the series mythos to build a new story.

      • Chris Poh

        They love hype-building, but when it comes to such secluded subjects like KH3, I’m sure they’re mulling around some awe-inspiring ideas.

      • Sam Corbett

        I know yen sid hes all like”i have learned that you to can weild a keyblade i am glad you are here” *Kairi shows up* Me: O.o

    • Brian Haywood

      It is a clifhanger. Riku wanted to tame the dark side. And sora wanted to know why he has mickeys friends inside of his heart. Birth by sleep and dream drop tied it up.

  • kingdomhearts24

    Although I would love it on the Wii u it probably won’t happen because of the difference in power between the 2 concsels and KHDDD continues the story from KH2 it was even announced that it was not a side story

    • Jakekill5462

      No, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded was the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2.

  • Jd

    They should try to release it on xbox consoles and put the other three on there 1 1.5 2 and abey some of the ds games

    • Jakekill5462

      NO! Just no. Square Enix made a pact with Sony and Nintendo. It is an Exclusive. Basically your saying that Halo will come out on Playstation. Not only would it be a horrible idea but it would ruin the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Think about it, The first game was on Playstation 2 and the second was on Gameboy Advanced. You really think after 12 years, Square Enix will give up everything they’ve stand for and release on Xbox? I mean maybe Windows/Mac/Linux but never Xbox. Sorry.

      • Darkstalkers1990

        How would this ruin the Kingdom Hearts franchise? Stop being a delusional fanboy and let everyone enjoy this awesome series.

      • BTGatefold

        Are you forgetting Final Fantasy 13?
        Square Enix/soft released FF titles for Nintendo and Sony for years and years. But then look! FF13 out of no where. FF13-2 and FF13-3 as well.
        “You really think after 12 years, Square Enix will give up everything they’ve stand for and release on Xbox?”
        Are you serious!? Square has become a money hungry joke now. Admit it, quit fanboying. A Kingdom Hearts release on the Xbox One would be rather shocking, but in the end, no surprise really. MONEY TALKS, AND BOY, DOES MS HAVE A LOT OF THAT.
        Just sayin’.

  • yeah

    Game will never come

    • Chris Poh

      Nomura’s already stated in interviews that it will. I don’t know, his words carry a bit more weight than yours I wager.

  • Brandon Gibbs

    Well i don’t know what they are doing but i want to see KH3 like ASAP and who i hope to see in it is the Gargoyles from the old disney TV animated series.

    • Alexandria Kosis

      which one? i don’t think i remember. :(

    • Shawn Morgan

      Absolutely!! Bring back Gargoyles! think about soaring through the night skies with goliath and the clan with elisa and matt bluestone on the ground!!! oh and don’t forget about Demona!!!!!!!

  • disqus_fYhDPskFYq

    love the series if kh3 dose come out on ps3 only i might have to get one but i pray it will come out at least on the 720 not likely thou

  • disqus_fYhDPskFYq

    it is officaly going to be this the next new kh game will be kh3 that will be coming out after the hd remix that is if they bother to hd kh2 but even then kh3 will be out latest 2014 on the next gen consoles

    • zackfair345

      2014? why not 2015? that it’ll make it better or 2014 could at least be quicker. I don’t know which is which. others think 2014. and others think 2015. and I think some would go for a 2014. and now if it’s a 2014 release then that would’ve meant we wouldn’t have waited any longer and neither would we have waited for FFXV. and I hope KH3 is a great game cause I’m looking forward to this. I hear that it will be an epic and an amazing game to play on PS4 and Xbox one

  • KH3Fan

    I would love if KH3 had a darker story and you should be able to take outfits you get from certain worlds and wear them in any world, the same with teammates you get to play with.

    • Chris Poh

      There’s sure to be plenty of incredible surprises in KH3.

  • Sandtanglo Toyer

    Eventually it will become like Duke Nukem Forever. People will have waited and it won’t be able to deliver. This is sad because I am a huge fan of the three core games.

    • Chris Poh

      Kingdom Hearts 3 will decimate your expectations of it.

      • Caleb Bell

        Sooo….you know a lot more kh stuff thanks so can you tell me if Ventus will finally awaken? Kh3 is the last in the Xehanort Saga so he has to. Can you confirm?

        • zackfair345

          KH3 maybe the end of the saga but not the series and I doubt ventus will awake in KH3

  • Kingdomgaurdian1287

    im sorry but kingdom hearts 3 going to different consoles is absolutely infuriating to me they shouldnt change it to an open console thats an insult to a game that has inspired me for years ive beaten every single game and the fact that they put kingdom hearts on the ds pissed me off as it was they should keep it the way they did god of war and god of war couldnt even compare to kingdom hearts on a bad day hslo sucks but microsoft keeps it exclusive to xbox square enix needs to get their shit to gether come out with the game and quit fucking it up with stupid ideas

    • name

      . Why hello Mr period can you help us make this sentence into a paragraph? Shift can help you by capitalizing! ‘ Sure apostrophe you can help too.

    • Logic

      “Me no want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be on other platforms. Me want Playstation exclusive only. Me mad.”
      Is having Kingdom Hearts 3 as an exclusive so important to you that you would wish it won’t appear on other platforms, and prevent others from enjoying the series? If you think putting the game on different platforms is considered, “An insult to a game,” then you must be a narrow minded person. As for me, I’m glad the XBox One fans can enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3, and am hoping Square would port tot he Wii U as well. :)

  • name

    Curse you Square Enix! While the final mixes are great they should have been released years ago.

  • Kamille

    seriously, when you guys are going to understand that the Kingdom Hearts team are busy working on Final Fantasy Versus? Nomura has said a billion times that there will be no KH3 game until FFvs is finished. Get a grip!

  • Alex

    If they only make it for a Wii after all this wait, I will be so mad. I got a PS3 for this game and now it looks like Ill be getting a PS4 eventually. Bu never a Wii

  • Andrew

    I personally think they should make it for a older crowd… Instead of it being a boy, it should be man. I mean heck I was 12 when the first one came out, I’m going to be 22… It’d be nice if it could be relatable still.

    • Alexandria Kosis

      i’m gonna be 21 and i feel as if it kind of keeps you innocent. like every time you play you feel like you did when you were that age and it keeps you young at heart. it’s a cool feeling. that’s why i think i enjoy it so much. i love the whole story, but i remember that great times and good friends i made over that game. although it’s a lil silly, it means alot to me.

  • Ai-pai

    The main cliffhanger KH 3 will explain, will most likely not be from KH2, but from KH:3D and BBS. After all, those two games both had a pretty good cligghanger each, and it has been officially announced that KH3 will be very relevant to the story of KH:3D.

    They’ve got a whole lot more stuff to explain now that the X-war is being mentioned again, there’s Xehanort’s plans of remaking it, there’s Lea’s and Kairi’s keyblade training, ect.

    I for one, am very excited for the upcoming game. Sure, I’m sick of waiting just like everyone else, but seeing as Square is taking such a long time with it, means they’re doing a proper job. Also, Final Fantasy turned 25 years last November I think? Which is why the game developers focused mainly on FF Versus. They want it done as soon as possible.
    However, KH3 is under development as well. It’s been announced, and all we can do is wait for more information. I’m pretty sure it will be released for either PS3, PS4 or the new Xbox, though. uvu

  • Kingdom_Starlight

    Iam super excited for Kingdom hearts 3 to come out. i have always love the series and still do. I really hope they can make it for ps3 or xbox ;} Kingdom hearts forever ;} <3

    • zackfair345

      you could be sad if I said this but kingdom hearts 3 is actually going to be on the PS4 and Xbox one and this is why I had to pre order a PS4 because of kingdom hearts 3 and final fantasy xv and I too can’t wait for kingdom hearts 3 to be released. it’s gonna be a great game to play on and my apologies for telling you about KH3 being on the PS4 and Xbox one

  • NOmad

    This is just a thought but i really loved being able to play as Riku on KHDDD and it opened up the story to be more easily understood and seen. It would be cool to be able to play not only as Sora Riku Kari Micky hell even Lea. LIke in the Prelude where you have three characters to choose from and all different storys but it meets up in the end. DDD had a nice way to blance it out to where you could play as both characters evenly and that would be a nice feature.

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    I hope stitch gets in there some how!!! XD lol

  • Daniel

    Please support kingdom hearts 3 coming to Wii U by signing this petition.

    Thank you.

  • Alexandria Kosis

    lol why debate about this article. just be excited that this is finally happening ^-^ i’ve waited just as long as the girl on twitter. i think alot of people have. it’s not just for the cliffhanger. we just want more :D

  • TheeKingJaz .

    Sooo….when does the article relate to its title?