Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Characters, and More

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the upcoming edition of the Kingdom Hearts series.

It is a series of action role playing games that was published and developed by the Square Enix in collaboration with the Disney Interactive Studios. The Kingdom Hearts series centers on the various Disney settings that are set on the universe. The main character of the game is Sora, who is out to search for his friends.

Although Square Enix has not released much information about the game, a lot of fans are so eager to hear about the game and are dying to know the release date, characters and other information about the Kingdom Hearts 3.

Release Date

The Square Enix has not released any statement on the actual release date of the Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans are still waiting to hear about its release, and according to the game’s producer, Shinji Hashimoto, there are still a lot of things that need to be done on the videogame.

But despite the fact that they have not given any release date yet, the company has been releasing teasers and trailer videos which give fans a chance to have a glimpse on the upcoming game. Hashimoto added that there is a reason why they have decided to make an early announcement of the game and why they released the videos.

A lot of people have been asking them about it and are wondering if they are pushing through with it. He said that they are definitely going to push through with the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 but they want people to understand that there are a lot of things that need to be done.


Square Enix has revealed some of the characters that will appear on the Kingdom Hearts 3. They even released some character artwork for the upcoming game which they announced along with the “Final Fantasy XV” during this year’s gaming expo.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 will still feature the main character, Sora, and some famous Disney characters will be returning on the game as well, such as King Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and Riku. The game is a continuance of the Dream Drop Distance. This means that well-loved characters like Goofy and Donald will once again be teaming up with Sora in their quest to find the guardians of light.

Of course, there will also be the quest to find the Keyblade wielders. Fans are also anticipating another masterful battle between Master Xehanort and Sora.

More Details

The Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles and the director of the game is hoping to release more information about the game on the upcoming Tokyo Game Show that will be happening sometime next year. For those who are eager to get a glimpse of the upcoming game, they should check out the Kingdom Hearts trailer available online. It is an 80 second long video that contains a short gameplay footage of the Kingdom Hearts game. There are also some articles and other online resources that revealed few details about the game.

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