LG G2 vs iPhone 5s – Battle of the Flagship Phones

In today’s battle of the flagship phones, we have the Apple iPhone 5s in one corner and the LG G2 in the other.

Like night and day, these two phones are complete opposites in appearance, but both are strong performers in the smartphone market. Here is a brief overview of how they match up head to head.


The Apple iPhone 5s is an attractive little phone. Yes, it is attractive. Yes, it is little. Very little. This phone maintains the old 4-inch display, and while it is a beautiful Retina quality, it is disappointingly petite. The outer surface in this model comes in three colors – silver, gray, and gold – and the important function buttons are on the edges. It does not have a microSD slot or user removable battery. The LG G2, on the other hand, is large and  not so pretty. The plastic construction leaves a lot to be desired, but the new design features buttons on the back, making it comfortable to hold and use. Speaking of buttons, the iPhone features a new TouchID fingerprint sensor for easy sign in, while the LG G2 has an infrared sensor that can be used as replacement TV remote.


The iPhone 5s boasts a 4-inch 640 x 1136 Retina display that is nice to look at in most lighting situations. The LG G2, however, ups the ante with a dazzling 5.2-inch 1080 x 1920 advanced IPS LCD display, making colors and videos come to life on the supersized screen. The iPhone has the edge in bright light viewing, but the larger display of the G2 is simply without comparison when viewing graphic-rich content.

Operating System

The Apple iPhone 5s uses iOS7 and the respectable interface that we’ve come to associate with Apple products. The LG G2 uses Android Jelly Bean. Both systems allow users to easily switch between tasks. While Apple is very  user friendly, the LG G2 offers some additional features and functions that the iOS7 system does not. On the other hand, some of the features go so far above and beyond what most users need, they may not be relevant.


Both phones feature fine cameras. The iPhone has an 8 megapixel version that performs especially well with moving subjects. The LG G2′s 13 megapixel camera has a stronger attention to detail, however, and more features in the camera software than with the iPhone. Photographers will love the extras that the G2 provides, while more casual users may like the iPhone’s simplicity.


For whatever reason, the LG G2 has a longer battery life than does the iPhone 5s, outperforming it in tests by almost double. There is no doubt that the edge goes to the LG G2 in the battery catergory.

In this battle of the flagships, the LG G2 seems to be the winner if you are looking for a phone that is feature rich, large, and powerful. On the other hand, many users will appreciate the easy interface and simplicity of using an iPhone, and its more attractive appearance is something not to be overlooked. Both phones start at about $200 with a two year contract from all the major retailers.

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  • JohnH

    iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c does not have a 4-inch display.

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    Apple trolls…..

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    Apple trolls?