Microsoft Windows Surface RT Basically Awful Right Now Compared To iPad

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith all of the initial confusion between Windows RT and Windows 8, people wondered why Surface RT was even an option.

Surface RT or iPad Air?

It’s essentially just the start screen of Windows with Microsoft Office capabilities in the desktop.

But that’s just it.

What better way to get people used to the new touch UI, Metro, and still use the Windows branding on it?

Slap the Start screen on a 10″ touch screen, that also uses Office, and is offered at a lower price range.

Sure, RT is basically awful right now, but if Microsoft would fix the bugs, allow Metro apps to load faster, and basically get it to work as fast as Windows 8, non-power users (most of the market) would eat it up.

Wasn’t the purpose of integrating the metro design and touch interface to compete with the iPad?

Windows RT fixed up and put onto some serious hardware would compete very well with say the iPad mini, the Nexus 7, etc. A low-powered Windows device that worked smoothly offered at a competitive price range would be a serious contender in the tablet game.

Doesn’t Microsoft want in on all the tablet hubba with the PC market dying?

If so, then what’s keeping them from getting Windows RT Blue out into the market?

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t buy a 8-9″ tablet with a smooth RT experience for $349-$499.

But the keys are patching up Windows RT, serious hardware, and competitive pricing.

I’d love to see a Surface RT Blue on the shelf at Best Buy for $429.99.


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  • Curtis Quick

    I got a Surface RT six months ago and it works great! The user experience is anything but “awful” and I do not notice any significant lag when starting “Metro” apps. Of course, as a tablet, the Surface RT does indeed compete with the iPad, but I think the user demographic is perhaps somewhat different. Surface RT seems to me to be the best tablet on the market for doing your work on the go. With Microsoft Office built in along with the detachable keyboard and SkyDrive integration, I find it quite easy to create and edit MS Office documents away from the office. The no-hassle-printing is a godsend when out and about. That is not to say that the Surface RT is not a very good consumption device as well. It’s large 10.6″ screen looks beautiful and supports a very fluid user interface. The snap view is especially useful when I tap links in my emails and have them appear in the web browser right next to the email. IE11 is a full-featured web browser that opens almost any web page and does not need me to get a handful of apps to use my favorite web sites like other tablets require.

    I am currently running the Windows Blue Beta and finding it quite a good UI enhancement.

    At the US$350, I think the Surface RTs are going to sell quite well, especially to students who will find the MS Office capabilities compelling. MS OneNote is also going to resonate well with students.

    The problem that has plagued Surface RT has nothing to do with the device itself. As a tablet, it’s simply awesome. Unfortunately Microsoft did an about face just before releasing the Surface RT to severely limit distribution and set the price point so high that the Surface RT would not effectively compete with other Windows RT tablets that hardware partners were set to produce.They warned Microsoft that they would reject Windows 8 if the Surface RT was successful against their products. Microsoft chose to protect Windows 8, not Surface. The Surface team wanted to sell the Surface RT for US$299 and sell it all over the place. It ended up available only on the web and in a few dozen Microsoft stores across the entire nation and few wanted to pay out US$500 bucks on a device they could not try out.

    The other reason for Surface RT’s lackluster sales is the status quo. Almost every review out there bashed the Surface RT for not running legacy Windows apps and ignored the many benefits that Surface has to offer over the competition. People were taught to dismiss the Surface RT without even taking a look at it. Sadly, only Surface users knew how awesome the Surface was, and is!

    • Simon Tupper

      I don’t even know if those “journalists” tried the Surface. I too have one and the user experience is good.
      It’s not the specs beast that is faster than any other tablet, but its smooth and it hardly ever lag.

  • Simon Tupper

    what is that piece of junk that I just read…?
    At first I was expecting a solid comparison… But then I saw that… Okay its not complete bashing towards RT and MS, but this is a very disappointing read. It felt like watching a movie made by high school students…

  • Tom

    Wow, worst ‘journalist’ ever. I bet when the editor asked what article this guy was doing he put down his iPad and said ‘I don’t know, probably bashing Microsoft somehow’. And went back to viciously masturbating to a picture of Steve Jobs.

  • salm0914

    Incredibly bad review / viewpoint.

    “..but if Microsoft would fix the bugs,” – What exactly?
    “… allow Metro apps to load faster” – Joking right? The whole Surface RT tablet boots up faster than some mac applications load to the desktop.

    “Sure, RT is basically awful right now,” – Try this:

  • Tom Rosner

    Good job bro comparing and old model to a brand new model. realy shows what kind of website you run. Try compairing the Surface 2 to the iPad and then talk about it. Rereading your post, it seems you have no idea that the Surface 2 even exists! Awesome!

  • tajones99

    I have own a iPad and I’m a Android user, I just got the Surface RT and I love it. I also own the Note 2014, The Surface is so functional sure the apps are not there yet but they are coming. But people like you don’t like to give credit when due. Just stick with you limited iPad.