Minecraft 1.6 Free Download – Mojang Finally Letting The Fame Get To Them?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think that Minecraft 1.6 is the first update that I am not gonna be excited about.

Minecraft 1.6 Update Not Exciting?

Mojang may be finally letting the fame get to them.

They are making changes to things that fine the way they are, instead of things that really need some attention. And wasn’t this update initially about adding new mobs, not just horses and it’s five varients? I was at first happy for horses, but Mojang should have definitely created their own horse and not let DrZ copy/paste his horse design and mechanics.

They are too complex, graphic and gameplay wise, and should have stayed in Mo’ Creatures.

Written by I_Am_Schnappi

I encountered a bug in that it appears that horses cannot breed anymore in Minecraft 1.6. I mount them and I still cannot use the wheat on them anymore. They’re at full health but I thought you could breed horses at almost any time as long as they hadn’t breed recently, whats going on here? Is this even intentional?

Written by LaughingAlex

Love the update, except that it lags like crazy. I have to turn my render distance to tiny also. I don’t have to do this for the current launcher that I usually use. I hope it doesn’t stay like this.

Written by Celesee

The new launcher allows you to download most any version you want/need. Just select the version you want in the profile editor.

JAVAW.exe is launched to run Minecraft irrespective of which version you are running. Therefore only one firewall exception needs to be made. Assuming you use application based firewall rules.

Written by _coldfusion_

Download: Minecraft 1.6 Pre-Release

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    They breed with golden apples.