Minecraft PS3 Patch Update Overview

4J Studios has finally revealed some details on the upcoming release of a new patch for the Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition.

This was made to fix all those lingering bugs that were discovered when the game was first released for all PS3 users.

Unfortunately, it was not rolled out for everyone yet. According to the latest Minecraft PS3 updates, this new patch will only be rolled out in Europe, Australia and the New Zealand. The purpose is to fix bugs discovered on the chat options as well as the issues on audio and several other glitches.

Minecraft PS3 Edition

In May of 2012, the Minecraft game was developed by 4J Studios in a console version and the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition was released. After Xbox 360, 4J Studios began working on another edition, which would be for the PlayStation 3 and on December 2013, the Minecraft PlayStation 3 was launched in the market. Just like with the Xbox 360 version, 4J Studios has been regularly updating the Minecraft PS3 and would every so often release Minecraft PS3 updates, to keep PS3 users updated with the latest additions, enhancements, fixes, etc. And recently, it is the Patch 1.02 that they have been talking about.

Not Rolled Out in the US

As stated previously, the Patch 1.02 was rolled out only for Europe, Australia, as well as in the New Zealand. This made US consumers really disappointed. But 4J Studios has added further Minecraft PS3 updates that they will soon be rolling out the patch for US consumers and was quoted saying “just waiting for some people in the US to wake up”.  With this, PS 3 gamers would have to wait a little bit more for them to be able to enjoy a much improved Minecraft PS3 game.

Patch 1.02

Along with informing everyone where the patches will be rolled out, 4J Studios also revealed on their Minecraft PS3 updates some details about the patches. First off, these patches are created to fix those bugs on the voice chat and audio as well as a number of other bugs which PS3 players have pointed out to the developer, through an online discussion board.

Other glitches include saved file corruption, issues on multiplayer split screen and many more. Players who are having issues on the local split screen are told that they should get around the problem for now by logging in as guests.

Although a lot of PS3 gamers were disappointed with all the bugs that they have discovered when playing the Minecraft PlayStation 3 edition, they still showed interest on the game and are in fact very excited to get their hands on the new version, which comes with the Patch 1.02. And with the overwhelming success of the Minecraft PlayStation 3 edition, the developer will most definitely be working on the Minecraft PlayStation soon.

But according to the latest Minecraft PS3 updates, now that 4J Studios has finished working on the Patch 1.02 for PS3, they will put their focus on the Title Update 14 for Minecraft Xbox 360.

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