Minecraft PS3 – TU14 Update with Creative Interfaces Revealed

Minecraft PS3 edition is slated to get the most anticipated TU14 update and its raining news almost every day.

The player community is going rife with excitement the title has generated because the game is quite addictive and will be lot more engaging when the bugs are fixed. While PC players got the title a long time back, it came to console ports only when 4J Studios stepped in. Ever since their arrival, the company continues to give utmost importance to what players have to saw and kept interacting with the community through their Twitter accounts. They had new updates and screenshots to share almost every week or mostly within a fortnight’s break. The first set of images pertaining to the Title Update 14 came some time back and then there was the PS4 next gen update as well. Earlier last week, developers came back and announced that a new set of images will finally reveal the interfaces for some exciting features.

Npc Villagers with Emeralds

The interfaces revealed were that of the iron anvil, creative, trading and customization ones. Each one of them is prominent in the world of Minecraft because they will allow players more freedom and let them do things that they were not able to do before. The iron anvil interface will be a new addition which will allow players to interact with villagers for the first time. In fact they will now be able to exchange items with them and get emeralds in return. The precious stone will be a new additional item in the game which will be introduced to Minecraft PS3 with the TU14 update. Players should have all the items that a NPC villager requests before being able to trade with them. The interface released by 4J Studios revealed one or two items which notified that there may indeed be a demand from the villager to submit two items at the same time to get an emerald stone.

Exciting Creative Interface

All the interfaces released on the day by 4J Studios for Minecraft PS3 version were shown in a four player splitscreen co-op screen. Players will be free to choose any aspect of the game and interact with it at their own pace. Based on the official screenshots released by the company, it is confirmed that there will be no restrictions in coop modes and new features will be evenly distributed to all of them. Trading has a prominent place in the expected updates because it not only introduces emeralds but will also allow players to interact with villagers to get rid of unwanted items. Whether it will introduce the concept of being able to trade any item is unclear at the moment. 4J Studios may speak up on the topic at a later date as they confirmed that the update will get an official date only after Sony approves the certificate testing process. In their social media feed, they revealed that the developments are going fine and players on PS platform will soon be able to experience all the exciting features as planned.

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