Minecraft PS3 Update Will Soon Be Free From Bugs & Glitches

The Minecraft PS3 edition was launched just months before which was a slow start compared to the release date on other platforms but developers 4J Studios announced in Twitter that they are indeed working to make things better.

The announcement comes as good news for players who have been waiting for better bug fixes and updates for the PS3 version. The developers also posted some pictures on the social networking platform that displayed new updates that players can expect with the title update 14. On the whole, it’s confirmed that gamers can now get ready to experience it without any bugs or glitches that is usually a hindrance for quality gaming experience. Besides, they will also be receiving some unconfirmed skin pack and texture pack with the new update. The team had a long conversation with players in their Twitter meet that was more like an interview and they answered crucial questions on a straight note.

Official Release Date

4J Studios has assured the gaming community that they can definitely look forward to the release of the TU14 update but they could not confirm a date. The developers clarified that it is not because they are busy working on multiple versions of the game for different platforms but mainly because Sony has a closed operation architecture. Any new updates or patch fixes should first be submitted with the company. Their team of experts will review its compatibility with the platform, the updates introduced, and its overall build quality before passing the certificate test. They confirmed that a version of the update has already been submitted for certificate testing and it will be made official as soon as Sony approves it. The TU14 update will also fix bugs and glitches found in the game that has been hindering the overall game play experience. It will be an equivalent of the 1.3.1 update that has already been released on the PC platform.

New Updates

Besides focusing on making Minecraft PS3 edition more player-friendly and getting rid of annoying bugs, the developers will also be bringing a whole lot of new features. It will drastically change the game and make it more engaging than ever before. Among them, the adventure mode is a prominent update because it is not just a new feature but also a completely new game mode. Minecraft already has classic and survival modes while adventure mode adds an all-new perspective. The addition is specifically designed to let players admire the creation of other players. They will be restricted from destroying buildings and structures randomly in this mode. Players can destroy blocks only when they have the right tools that will restrict random destruction and ensures that the world remains the same as other players have designed it.

The updates will also include emeralds, quartz stairs, cobblestone walls, anvils, tripwires, potatoes, baked potatoes, chiseled sandstone, and carpets. The final version may have changes because the developers can’t confirm the update until they get a word from Sony. Some of these items may be removed while new ones could be added in the final release.

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