Minecraft Xbox 360 The Blaze Spawn Blocks Have a Random Chance

Here is one of the seeds from Title Update 7 of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds TU7 – Aubergine


No swamp biome (meaning, no vines, no lily pads)


There will be no swamp biome.

Seed conforms to “realistic” biome rules, eg no snow next to deserts etc.

Epic stronghold accessible from spawn, many epic mineshafts, cave systems, intersecting ravines, and almost all seemingly linked together, you might never stop just exploring.

Huge, complete, Nether Fortress

Seems to cover near entirety of nether. Can only photograph a “small’ part of it: (incidentally, the lavafall you see in this pic falls right on top of the roof of a nether wort farm, and a second one is nearby).

Also note, the blaze spawner is somewhat hidden up a block staircase in the sections buried in netherrack. There are some balconies in the exposed area that look like they should have spawner blocks there but not seen one appear there.

The blaze spawn blocks have a random chance of not appearing. So you can check as quickly as you can, I’ve put the coordinates for the two potential locations below.

Blaze Spawner Potential Locations:  

x18 y70 z33

x-24 y65 z11

Three villages:

Western Plains Village (just north of spawn point) with lava pool and a harbour.

Eastern Desert Village ”venice” with mushroom biome and mountains: – mountains are riddled with mineshafts

(stand on the shore at x198 z230, look into the sea, to see a mineshaft entrance.)

North East Desert Island Village:

(This one doesn’t seem all that special frankly, leaving the north of the map “un-generated” in the survival copy so perhaps might get a jungle up there when the next update comes. But the island is pure desert which has appeal for certain builds)


Stronghold related:

Surface cave entrance to stronghold:

x-83 z224

19 Diamonds accessible through stronghold  

6 Diamonds: x-39 Y12 Z245

8 diamonds: x-59 y15 z208

5 diamonds: x-71 y12 z119

Spider dungeon:

x-31 y40 z215

Skeleton dungeon:

x-19 y31 z84


Mineshaft Area:


5 cave spider spawners, a zombie, skeleton and spider spawner all right near each other. 3 diamonds in chests, 12 chests found so far (cords for 8, four are in dungeons) – not explored this entire mineshaft by any means.

Here’s one way to get in: from spawn point, go east and south a bit to x-50 z269 and dug eastwards, hit a ravine maybe ten blocks along. At the bottom of that ravine is the mineshaft and the first chest (at y45 level) Used an existing waterfall as a ladder to get down and up, not sure if those are guaranteed to spawn every time though.

Cave Spider:

x25 y45 z254

x71 y42 z245

x59 y42 z255

x62 y38 z263

x61 y38 z259


x46 y42 z251


x60 y44 z238


X47 y14 z280

Some Chests:

4 gold x6 y46 z251

2 diamonds x 61 y38 z 269

1 Diamond, melon x-14 y42 z 281

pumpkin x10 y35 z211

pumpin x-9 y45 z 277

pumpkin 2 gold x0 y42 z336

pumpkin x 56 y43 z243

melon pumpkin x21 y40 z304

Some general co-ordinates:

Mineshaft Chests:

(Not recorded the majority of the chests, as there’s so many of them.)

Melon, plus two diamonds! – with at least three other chests nearby – x-400 y36 z111

Melon, iron pick x208 y45 z230

Pumpkin: x191 y45 z246

Melon, 1 diamond: x-14 y42 z281

Melon, Pump, 2 Diamonds: x-80 y28 z310

Cave Spider Spawners:

x236 y42 z226

Zombie dungeons:

4 cocoa x41 y31 z-189

2cocoa + “Cat” cd x232 y 49 z254

Near surface at village: x-253 x67 z112

Spider dungeons:

(near village) X: -167 , Y:37 , Z:101

Skeleton dungeons:

(near village) x-118 y55 z66


5 diamonds x-198 y15 z15

4 diamonds x-203 y15 z15

8 diamonds x-222 y12 z325

2 diamonds x-127 y12 z334

8 diamonds x-124 y16 z85

5 diamonds x-80 y13 z257

4 Diamonds: -34, Y: 4, Z:206

5 diamond  X:-53, Y: 4, Z: 207

9 diamonds: X-95, Y:7, Z:195

1 diamond X:-48, Y:4, Z:196

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  • Callum Donovan

    What is the actual seed code as in what do you put in the to get this wonderful world

    • Jeff Foster

      seed is aubergine
      add me gamertag is Coach v2

  • Landy

    Who wants to play free build hit me up TinBuckle560

  • Yo mom

    another awesome seed: crackton – 5 villages, 1 spawned right over ravine, supposed awesome nether fortress

    another awesome seed: abandoned miner castle – one village nearby spawn point, one giant village close-ish, find the small village and keep traveling in that general direction. heaven’t explored entire world

  • ZEXY Leader

    I loved the seeds and this may seem of topic but, Im the leader of Zexy Minecraft clan Xbox Edition and if you would like to join send me a message. Gamertag: KANASTA MASTA. It might say im offline because my WiFI is down :}

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    Recycled article? how can the other comments be 7 months old…