Minecraft Xbox 360 next Title Update 10 release date

The newest patch update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been released a few days ago.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there will be no new update for Minecraft on Xbox 360 as you consider a growing list of problems in Title Update 9.

Also, we need to make sure that 4J Studios is harnessing the power of original Minecraft with constant updates.

The somewhat official word as of this point to our knowledge has been that the plan was for 4J Studios to bring the game up to the equivalent of the PC update 1.2.3 before they would consider going on their own path and adding in exclusive content to allow the Xbox 360 edition to stand on its own as a unique product.

When asked at a 4J Studios Minecon panel about whether they would continue to add in post 1.2.3 PC content after they went on their own path so to speak, they basically replied that they would probably pay attention to what content was in particular demand by the community and what makes sense for this version and try to determine what things they would want to “bring forward” or implement in addition to Xbox 360 exclusive content.

What this means for us is two things. First of all, we are all but assured to get all of the content up to the equivalent PC 1.2.3 update in the very least.

Beyond that, it is a matter of choice and timing on 4J Studios’ part as far as what we may or may not ever see on the 360 edition.

That brings us to our second point, which is the fact that we have already been seeing some people talk about 1.2.3 content already being implemented in the title updates.

This would likely indicate that several popular features from even recent PC updates could in some way find their way into Xbox 360 version.

We would think that it depends on how high the demand is, how difficult is it to implement, and how well it may or may not fit into 4J’s update plans going forward.

Having said that, you never know what they might be willing to move forward as evidenced by some features in the newly released Title Update 9.

We will just have to wait and see.

Our previous poll for Title Update 9 release date predictions was very close to the actual release date, we’re hoping to see similar result with TU10 update.

Minecraft Xbox 360 next Title Update 10 release date

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  • Benny221

    Is this a real date because i’m really getting tired of dates that are not true.

  • killwave96

    They need to add the withers and wither boss to the 360 vary soon like now