Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 update will indeed be happening anytime soon

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]A[/dropcap] lot of Minecraft fanatics have been waiting for the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update.

Thus, 4J Studios, the company behind the famous game, released an explanation on the holdup regarding the latest TU14 patch of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. After numerous inquiries from fans, a spokesman from the company has provided a short update through their Twitter page which was posted last November 29.

Seeing the Light at Another End of the Tunnel

The Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update which 4J Studios posted on their Twitter page has revealed that their development team is still in the process of getting the PS3 Port of the Minecraft game ready, such that they could send it to the Sony Computer Entertainment to begin testing. And as a result, the latest TU14 patch and several other upcoming versions will not be released until at a much later time. Fans may also check out some of the screenshots of this Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update on some of the articles posted all over the World Wide Web.

The development of the new Minecraft for Sony’s recent generation console is about to end, however. When asked by one of the Minecraft fans if they are done fixing the bug on this latest project, 4J Studios has confirmed that they could “see the light clearly at another end of the tunnel”.

Rumors and Speculations

Meanwhile, the Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced that the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update will also be applied for the PlayStation Vita as well as the PS4 and PS3 versions. The Microsoft Studios has also confirmed that Minecraft will be coming with such update for the Xbox One as well.

However, the release dates for such upcoming ports were not confirmed as of yet. As for now, these are merely rumors that are going on all over the Internet. Such rumor also talks about the game’s ability to load the original Xbox 360 saved game into your new and updated version of Microsoft Xbox One. The developers of the game have been working so hard to get the older version to be updated to the latest version.

Release Dates and Features

Although the release date of Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update is still rumors and speculations, the actual features were confirmed by 4J Studios. With this new update, Minecraft fans will enjoy the following features:

  • The PlayStation Vita Version of the Minecraft game will be similar to that of the Xbox 360 edition instead of the Pocket Edition.
  • The Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update is still being put on hold, until the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and the Xbox One will be released.
  • The PS3 Version will be the one that will be released first and then followed by other consoles.

The post on the Twitter page of 4J Studio, as mentioned above, is already a positive indication that the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update will indeed be happening anytime soon, which should make all Minecraft fanatics feel delighted.

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  • Minecrafter

    Whats the holdup on Minecraft PS3 Edition?? Where the hay is it already??

    • Jordan Mandrusiak

      its out, damn, you have update 14, xbox doesn’t and we had the game more longer than ps3

  • Pink Floyd

    “Sorry, longtime fans that have held through all the bugs and half the features of the PC version. We’re sorry we can’t contemplate allowing you to put mods on a USB stick to limitlessly expand the game with custom content. We’re sorry we don’t give a crap about you. Thing is, we could be making MOAR moneh, and so to be quite frank, those of you who have already paid us are no longer potential customers.”

  • jordan

    yeah im with jordan mandrusiak you microsoft notch 4j mojang whoever f##king give us the update i get on minecraft getting high hopes that iy will be out you give ps3 the update when xbox minecraft needs it more hardly anybody plays the ps3 and frankly i dont care if you are having to fix miner bugs i would rather have bugs in the update than wait any longer i will file a complant dont know who to but i will you guys are a bunch of slow grandmas on computers.