Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update Release Date Is Not Close Yet

While fans have been eagerly awaiting the new Title Update 14 with a slew of new features, bug fixes and new game modes, it comes as a not-so-great news to know that the update isn’t ready, just yet.

The official news was revealed by the developers 4J Studios in their Twitter discussion when they were answering questions posted by fans and other industry experts. It is known to the gaming community that the studio is busy working on multiple versions of the game on various platforms because of which they are unable to focus on releasing the TU14 update for the Xbox 360 edition. But, even then they clarified that it is indeed under process but the package is not ready yet and may not be available immediately as fans expect.

Twitter Discussion

Developer 4J Studios, the driving force behind Minecraft games had an in-depth discussion with their fans on Feb 7 during which they discussed various aspects of the game and its future developments. While the PC community is an active participant because of the development cycle due to the open ended systems, consoles are supposed to wait until the developer release an official update. The studio also revealed that once they are done releasing TU14 for the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, they will shift their focus towards releasing the Xbox One version as well. The team believes it will give them a great advantage when moving the game to a more powerful next generation console which has the capacity to render bigger worlds, better elements and offer players more open world exploration.

Updates May Vary

During this discussion with fans, 4J Studios clarified that the TU14 update for the Xbox 360 console is far from a release. In their original words, there is still a lot to be done before TU14 is ready for Cert testing. For consoles, the developers are supposed to submit it to Microsoft or Sony for approval before it gets rolled out into the gaming community. As of now, they didn’t share any solid date of release for the same and gamers can consider that it is going to be bit of a wait before it finally lands in the platform. The question and answers session also revealed that even though there are speculated additions expected for the game, it can vary when the final version is launched. The game developers claim that various factors affect these updates and some tweaks or additions will be altered according to the requirement to pass certificate testing.

TU14 Complete List

The much anticipated question regarding what gamers can expect in the update was asked by a fan as expected. The team revealed that a complete list of fixes and new content available for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will be released officially only after it is submitted for certificate testing. It is because there may be changes up until the last minute which is why they will let the community know of the content after it has been finalized. Stay tuned for an instant update whenever it becomes available.

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  • Sky gamer

    I think update 14 is coming in being of March

    • Derek Vithal

      no is coming in 3 or 4 months sorry dude!!!