Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: New Features For TU14 and TU15

  • Joe shickler

    Please fucking stop with bullshit articles. I was hoping you may have learned and this would of been a decent article for once, but as usual it turned out to be info everyone knows, and pointless additional info no one cares for. Thanks again for wasting my time.

  • vincent

    When does it come out

    • trololololololo

      it comes out in 2 days

  • Sky gamer

    I hope horses are confirmed

  • Slenderman

    Another dumbass post. Fuck off.

  • l for leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i hope they add horses

  • Emily

    There is never an actual release date it’s always touch and go with it. When is the horse update for xbox 360 coming out in 2014 ?!