Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: New Features For TU14 and TU15

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 is the console version of the game.

It offers unique features, though the development is lagging while compared to the PC version. This is natural, as the Xbox 360 version was released only three years after the PC version. Though the Xbox 360 version was launched much later after its PC counterpart, gamers seem to be equally enthusiastic about playing the game on their home consoles. This has been proved by the fact that sales of the console version seem to be rapidly approaching the PC version sales. 4J Studios are working hard at releasing new updates, such as the TU14 and TU15.

Mash Up Packs

The TU12 as released with more bug fixes and also packed in more items when compared with the TU11. TU12 offered mash up packs, but there were some legal issues. If you are wondering what is the mash up pack, it allows downloading of texture packs. This enables gamers to try out various textures, without a time limit. 4J Studios have provided several screen shots in this connection and you can check these out online.

Additions in TU14 and 15

Many gamers had expressed the desire to have horses added to the game, with the addition of ocelots and the baby villagers. Gamers are also hoping that along with horses, donkeys and horse spawn egg, carpets and clay and also mules will be included.

Speculation on the Path

Avid gamers and aficionados of Minecraft are still wondering about the pattern that the updates TU14 and TU15 are going to take. Many gamers feel that they will follow the same path as the PC version, whereas others feel contents for the console version will be unique. It is felt that contents will be unique, as 4J studios had announced this during the release of other updates for the game.

4J Studios also offered teasers of upcoming features in TU14, showing a number of items, like ender chests. The developers have confirmed through their Twitter account that all the items shown will be available in the future updates for Xbox 360.

Multiple Formats

Fans of the game can download the Mincecraft on their Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade as a digital download and those who own PlayStation 3 can access the game through the PlayStation store. The game has also got a physical disc released in the 2013 summer. As the game is now available in different formats, this has become one of the major factors for pushing the sales forward in a short time span.

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