• Cade

    Are they serious? Update tu9 jut came out and there already talking about next update? It’s gonna be a while before tu11. A long while

    • http://www.facebook.com/W4TeRmElOnN1Nj4 Tony Mejia

      actually not really because most of the things in tu11 were supposed to be in tu9, so most things are already programmed.

      • Mycelium


    • lol

      tu11 is already out

      • Cade

        And it’s just a gay bug fix

  • Mycelium

    What does “retail version” mean?

    • lol

      it means disk buy in stores

  • liam

    I think title update 11 should come out early because people are going mad about it I dont no why maybe because irs ment to be very good I cant wait.There is only is one egg its an ocelot and carrots golden carrots and you can spawn the Enderdragon well theres not that much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PeeceWolf Ryker Bloomfeldt

    im just glad they are working on allowing texture packs and fixing all the tnt lag

  • http://www.facebook.com/dc.steward.5 Drew C. Steward

    they need to fix the explosion
    bug that came during the end update.
    every time me and my friends fight a creeper or gaust it freezes the game for like 10 to 15 secs.

    • CrontrollerBreaker

      if its that bad either you or your friend has a shit ass internet connection

      • crontrollerbreaker sucks dick

        Shut the fuck up you sick stop jumping on people

  • http://twitter.com/Doky9889 Doky9889 | Luke

    I am sorry to say but this article does not take into fact that it take anywhere from 10-15 weeks which is the average length between 2 new featured updates for MCXBLA. From TU1-TU3 it was 65 days, TU3-TU5 was 95 days, TU5-TU7 was 64 days and TU7-TU9 was 106 days, with the pattern changing from 65-100 days, we could expect TU12 to come out 60-65 days after TU9 was released which would be May 25th, HOWEVER we had 2 bug fixes (TU10-TU11) along with 2 skin packs that came out so it may come out latter than May 25th. That would be considered the earliest date. If you want you can check out the vid I uploaded regarding it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfUUsX2z1HU

  • Hillnorge

    Hey shitheads. Stop posting these until something new is announced. For fucks sake enough speculation.

    • pony58

      I know it’s so gay.

      • Hillnorge

        This site is becoming almost as bad as bitbag was with shit grade news articles saying the same thing over and over.

      • gaygod6924

        you mean it is so straight, being gay is awesome being straight sucks cause of the whole kids thing

  • CrontrollerBreaker

    Tu 12 hints haven’t even been released yet! TU12 isn’t going to come out for the disk version nor will it come out before june….. if you dip shits haven’t learned by now that it takes around 3 months for a major update to be certified and released then you should sell your xbox and get minecraft on pc

    • Robert Daigle

      not true actually. They released the update with the breeding not too far from the creative mode update.

      • CrontrollerBreaker

        It took 2 months, its hasnt even been 2 months yet plus 4j hasnt released anything about tu12 you dumb ass

        • Robert Daigle

          look it up jack ass! the breeding update was in december and it took them all the way til april. suck my dick faggot. I swear nobody can ever have a civilized conversation without getting me mad.


    I know, this speculation shit is filling up the news. Fucking stop you pricks!

  • Dred


  • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.brown.9469545 Charlie Brown

    tu11 has been out for a while now… any jungle biome … no so take this page down if it didn’t happen

    • CrontrollerBreaker

      They tweeted it already there is going to be jungle biomes

      • crontrollerbreaker sucks dick

        I shut up BITCH

  • Lester

    I can’t wait for this TU12 it seems great for all you people who bought it for disc you will miss out

  • Mycelium

    4J Studios tweeted that it will NOT be out in June, so i’m expecting mid July. The good news is that July is Summer, so I can stay up late playing TU12 when it’s released.

  • Erin Feeney

    Please Read This Message:
    Today is June 11th and TU12 is STILL NOT OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is getting impatient…. :(

  • Shadow

    Yah they are write btw first couple day of July :)

  • Hunter

    when is the Aether coming out?

  • james ScOpEz

    hey fuck tards if u all think that the TU12 update is coming may or june u are rong its july and no update…. my guess would have to be 4th through 25th of july because of how 4j studios is orking on it because they have alot of shit in the TU12… so stop take a break and fucking relax because u all are annoying..

    • rockachoc

      i think it’ll be out in august now, im fucking sick of waiting

  • ricky

    cam u make it for july 21 2013 im hoping ive been waiting for months

  • Dj plays minecraft

    Hey I think it’s comeing out on jaly 31 or August 1 so this is my fav update ever love 4j and helpers hope they come out with vilige trading and jungle temples Love you guys and peace out

  • Dj plays minecraft

    4j rocks sorry had to add that……….ya

  • rockachoc

    It has to be out before June 4th eh? WELL IT’S LATE BY A MONTH AND 22 DAYS HURRY UP ALREADY

  • Jordan Roblee

    4J said that the update will go into Microsoft Certification Testing later this week. Probably next week!

  • jim

    Its said to be around this month

  • jim

    So you piss heads should shut the hell up and enjoy the game

  • Dragonov46

    Good news people, I think that TU12 will come out approximately mid to late august today is the 13th of august so 2 days to the fifteenth, TU12 has been in cert testing for about 6 days so it should come out to download around the 20th to 25th, now no one needs to get angry and spam this comment its just an opinion, also I want to thank 4j studios, Mojang, and Microsoft for the game, since it came out I have had it and its been fun the whole way.