Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Xbox LIVE Open-Source Mods, Texture Pack Download

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ods update by definition could be added to Minecraft Xbox 360 the same as on PC, well, similar.

Mods TU12 Update For Minecraft Xbox 360

Whereas on PC you only need to download the mods, you would have to mod your entire Xbox and the Minecraft mods alone could get your account modded more so with a full equipment mod.

But since much of Minecraft is built on mods and 4J Studios has said several times they are looking at user created content for future Minecraft on Xbox 360 use its not inconceivable some sort of tool set or “mod” pack could be added though it wouldn’t be a mod.

And texture packs are a huge topic of debate like some have said, they are supported.

But 4J Studios is working to create their own so it may be awhile before we see any.

You see, mods and texture packs on the PC version are all created by the players and generally offered for free. This creates an issue for 4J Studios.

They want to add the content and stay true to the things people loved but they have to make it all for themselves and not step on the toes of those who created these things in the first place.

Its not as if they, the modders, have any actual intellectual rights to the property and most companies would say hell be damned and steamroll right over the modders.

Not 4J, they’re too classy to be like that.

So should we see texture packs expect something similar to the more popular packs but also very different.


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  • Im annoyed

    Is there a reason these crappy articles are the top three in my news feed? Who decided S&R are the minecraft reporters? These are the questions that haunt me. Seriously though stop. The last thing I need is for you to tell us all of the ideas about MC that only you made and care about. Article name : Texture packs and Mods coming to 360. Article: It might maybe be possible to add these things, but we have no clue honestly

  • disqus_6nCVeypeUB

    could not agree more with the “im annoyed” post… you guys only speculate! please stop posting top search result information without drawing any real conclusions or sourcing any HARD information to back up your claims. its mis-leading and a bad representation to anything 4J may or may not be doing.

  • John Ruefli

    Reposting the same crap again huh?

  • rylee

    where can i download the TU12 to my pc so i can update with flash drive being that i dont i have xbox live