Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Next Week Release Possible

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll of our villagers in Minecraft Xbox 360 are the “farmer” profession.. will they randomly change, or remain farmers?

TU12 Profession Update August 2013 Release Date Is Key For Minecraft Xbox 360

Professions would be something that would have to be brought forward along with other critical features in Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update.

As we thought that feature came out sometime around the same time as trading was introduced in Minecraft 1.3.1 version. Of course if they do put trading in, then the professions would go along with that.

As far as the old villagers spontaneously changing, that is anyones guess… There really is no way to tell, but our guess is no. Since those villagers are already generated.

However if 4J Studios decided to make it so when they breed we would get a random one from the profession list, then it could be possible for you to have the other ones as well on an old map. That would be the most logical thing.

Now we just hope breeding villagers is made a bit easier, like one door per villager instead of the 3 : 1 ratio that the original Minecraft has.

Doing the 1:1 ratio would make it definitely better for the younger audience to understand and be able to do it easily. One can only speculate or guess at what can be done, but what they actually do is another matter. That is one aspect we all will have to just wait and see with the upcoming Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Major Release In August 2013

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]inecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’s Title Update 11 has been released in May.

We like what this update brings, but we’re not all that excited about it.

While we know they are doing a good job for the most part but Minecraft Xbox 360 version is lagging so far behind the PC.

Minecraft Xbox 360 players need more with these updates or at least make them less frequent with two times the content.

Upside-down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, the wither, Adventure Mode, and so much more should be here by now.

Certainly we don’t want to sound ungrateful, but waiting one to two months for single updates that barely give us anything is kind of a take.

Look, we all know it’s not easy to port Minecraft on Xbox 360 considering how different the programming language in both platforms, but with record-breaking sales, profitable in one hour after release, any businesses in the right mind should have put more resources to the development team especially how they are so small compared to other best-seller.

Okay, let’s calculate how much money they have made so far, give or take.

Let’s say that Microsoft took home half of the sales and Mojang, 4J Studios with the rest.

Six million copies and that could be worth around $60 Million for the development team 4J Studios and Mojang themselves.

Sixty million dollars is a lot of money. Hiring developers who have expertise in C++ and Java doesn’t really cost a lot of money.

There’s no argument why they shouldn’t add more resources to the development team and release Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update this month.

They are basically sitting on a huge pile of money and doesn’t want to cash in on better customer retention.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Release Date

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