Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Release Date and Expected Features

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are more work left to be done especially how far behind Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with the original Minecraft.

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update Patch Features and Release Date Rumors

Upside-down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, the wither, Adventure Mode, and so much more should be here by now.

Upside-down stairs

Just as normal stairs are used to smooth slopes in the floor, upside-down stairs can be used to smooth slopes in the ceiling.

This makes it possible to create more realistic arches under bridges or in architectural buildings.

In the original PC version of Minecraft, stairs can be placed upside down by one of two methods.

  1. Right-clicking on the bottom side of a block.
  2. Right-clicking on the top half of the side of a block.

Texture Pack

A texture pack is a collection of files that is used to change the in-game textures of blocks, items, mobs and the GUI.

They are zip files that have various PNG images in them and a pack.txt. The native resolution of Minecraft’s textures are 16×16 (measured pixels in block height and width).

32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 textures are referred to as ‘HD’.

Flower pot

A flower pot is a decorative block that allows saplings, mushrooms, flowers, cacti, ferns and dead bushes to be placed in it.

Plants that cannot be placed in a pot are: normal tall grass, wheat, vines, lily pads, pumpkins, melons, nether wart, sugar canes, potatoes and carrots.

If the block beneath a flower pot is removed, it will break and drop itself and the plant it contained.

Flower pots can be placed on upside-down slabs and upside-down stairs.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is a game mode intended for player-created maps by limiting some of the gameplay in Minecraft, in which the player cannot directly destroy most blocks to avoid spoiling adventure maps or griefing servers.

Most blocks cannot be destroyed without the proper tools (axe:wood; pickaxe:stone).

However, players can still interact with mobs and craft items.

While it is possible to play a “regular” survival Minecraft game in adventure mode, it is quite difficult to do so.

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update Release Date

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 rumors are always rampant, as new dates are constantly being linked to the upcoming downloadable patch.

With 4J Studios still working on TU12, it is highly likely that the update will be available next month.

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  • Callum Craig

    4j or notch whens tu12 coming out im getting bored plz make it quick

    • miner zombie

      Quicken up or I’m not buying 4j`s stuff anymore

      • Soccerstar7

        hey why dont you stop being a douche and let them finish

        • rockachoc

          Well they are ‘kind of’ taking ages and I’ve been waiting one month and a half, so who can blame him/her?

          • Tori Hurd

            You can blame yourself, you asshole. They are doing the best they can.

          • Mykel

            I agree with Tori. While it may frustrate the hell out of us to have to wait so long for the update, there is more that Mojang and 4J need to do with this update than ever before. Note to any who’d bash mine or anyone else’s comment: They have to practically rewrite almost the entire game’s script to fit in what they seem to have planned so far. (Texture Packs, Height Limit Increase, Iron Golems, Ocelots, Upside-Down Stairs, New Villager and Mob Instincts, etc. These all require a great deal of script revision and restructuring in order to achieve)

            In short, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw TU12 by end of August into September. (Not that I am saying that’ll happen, so don’t get any bright ideas V_V )

          • Mykel

            They very well could release it sooner, but I just feel that it’ll be much later, with everything that needs to be done.

  • Soccerstar7

    Hey notch just checking in to see when the update will be out!

    • Mykel

      Um…you don’t contact Notch on here, bud. This is merely a place where repeated news is released over and over again and people comment on the same stuff over and over again.

      No hopes of reaching Notch, Mojang, or 4J here. (Try actually finding a contact email for them)

  • Likeaboss1312

    Hope it comes out tommorrow!!!:)

    • Tori Hurd

      In your dreams.

      • Mykel

        Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • sexylamborgen

    I think july 5 and the tutorial is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Ruefli

    You just reposted this!!!!

  • Archie bryan

    are you joking next month

  • dkdie

    are you kidding me

    • rockachoc

      i know, they’re taking the piss.

  • jake

    what the hell i hate when people lie why would they say is going to be next month when last month they say that tu12 will clearly be in july

  • brenden

    What in the heck is takeing so long?

  • rockachoc


    • Mykel

      They have to rewire and rewrite practically the entire structure of the game in order to fit in texture packs and iron golems and the build height and such.

      Don’t get upset with 4J. Minecraft 360 has a different type of scripting than the PC version, and now that all has to be dumped and redone to accomodate TU12.

      I know you see this word everywhere you go, rockachoc, but patience.

  • skinnyabstrd

    They should just put out what they have bug free and add the other stuff a bit later and constantly do that so theres 5 – 10 a month instead of it being 20-30 things every 1-2 months

    • Grayson

      Microsoft charges game makers a fee for every update they release and how large it is. If they released them constantly they would be wasting a large amount of money.

  • Sooooooo

    Let herobrein be in the next update

    • Mykel

      There is a Skin Pack for Herobrine in MC. I can’t remember if it’s a default skin pack skin or if it’s from a DLC Skin pack.

  • Wes

    Im sorry but 4J Studios are lazy as hell, you have games lke Injustice: Gods Among us which Netherrealm Studios give a Skin pack to there community every 2 weeks! It takes 4J Studios about 2-4 Months to make one damn Skin Pack, They take there sweet time with Updating the damn game too, Like seriously get your asses into Gear if i was Lead Director at 4J I would not let my Staff take any where near this long to release an Title Update. and Considering the Popularity of the Game i would have atleast 1 skin pack come out every 4-5 weeks, It should Realisticly take them about a Month too finish and De-bug this update if the staff are in Monday-Friday. If you look at there damn Twitter feed they are alwats out doing “Team Building” Activites. Fuck off and do your damn Job you lazy bums.

  • brenden

    It usually comes out on a Tuesday so I hope that it is coming this or next tuesday

  • Guest

    Ok I’m getting tired of waiting hurry up plz

  • Dj plays minecraft

    Hey I’m not a computer freak an all but I know how hard it is to do one single bug fix. I agree with you they r tacking FOREVER make It go faster plz I’m on both good and bad sides here

  • David

    Well if their taking a long time it means they have important or cool things to put in this update

  • aaron

    they should finish soon because they’ve been working on it since tu9 (spawn eggs)