Jungle Biome in later update?

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Release Date Next Two Days?

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]atest update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is a bug fix, but for the upcoming TU12 update, we expect something bigger.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12

Judging by how 4J Studios release their Title Updates, Minecraft Xbox 360 players are up for few more weeks before they could see the light of TU12 patch update.

Title Update 9 is the previous major update for Minecraft Xbox 360 which has been released early this month.

As one of the biggest update, it feature The End, Ender Dragon and Spawn Eggs.

Unfortunately, there are several bugs discovered as soon as it was available on Xbox LIVE.

Title Update 10 and Title Update 11 has been released to follow up those bugs on Silver Xbox LIVE customers who have been getting errors when loading saves, among other in-game Minecraft related bugs.

With the catastrophic release for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on retail, we’re hoping that they will include another major update after TU9 as all eyes are now on TU12 patch update.

Upside-down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, the wither, Adventure Mode, and many other features that 4J Studios can tinker with.

Before the patch goes to the public and available for download, the update has to be handed to Microsoft for their certification program.

Vote your prediction for Title Update 12 release date for Minecraft Xbox 360 here.

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  • Robert Daigle

    give me village siege and iron golem the jungle biome along with the wither bats and have the villagers act the same exact way as the pc portrays them and i’ll be happy.

    • TheUnknownInternetUser

      Don’t forget spuds and carrots!

      • Robert Daigle

        heck yeah

  • Barnyoni

    What about a file share like in halo where people can upload and download maps like adventure and pvp this would really extend the life of the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacobrandall.martin Jacob Randall Martin

    Definitely iron golems

  • Darth

    Give up villager classes, emerald ore, and villager trading. Lastly, give us public servers.

  • news24

    EXCLUSIVE SKELETON SIEGE and iron golems exclusive apple pie ender chest and much much more

    • Mykel

      And you’re getting this from where…?
      None of this (except for the Iron Golems) were mentioned by 4J or Mojang.

  • news24

    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition :D

  • Mykel

    Okay…whoever wrote this article doesn’t possess a spellcheck or basic english. And not to mention, S & R said that TU12 would be out early-mid July back in June, so now they’re suddenly trying to bump it to mid-late august in their guesses?

    Stick to your original guesses and admit you were wrong, S & R, and stop writing Minecraft articles, because it’s ALL guesswork. Only write about the stuff that’s been CONFIRMED.

    • Joe

      I agree 100% …. stuff like WHEN IS THE UPDATE 12? nooo they cant even give us a straight answer… im starting to think 4J studios is a ripoff

      • Mykel

        Correction. The only reason they can’t give us a straight answer is possibly this:

        IF they said “Oh, yeah, it’s coming out on August 14th…and then them or Microsoft discovers a large bug and it got bumped to, say, August 29th, then, (and you can choose to believe this or not) fans would actually be MORE disappointed for the most part than they would if they were kept in the dark regarding the release date.

        All’s we know as of now is that they want to send it to MS soon for certification, and they had hoped to see it by the end of this week, but something else must’ve occurred.

      • Matt. St**e

        It’s obvious why they can’t give us a straight answer: It hasn’t been through certification testing. It may take ages depending on the bugs found.

      • Lewis

        It’s nothing to do with 4J you stupid cunt. Kill yourself

  • Tori Hurd

    FIX THE SIGNS!!! Whenever I am typing on a sign the game freezes and when I finish typing it, all it says is censored. FIX YOUR GAME JEB!

    • Joe

      they cant fix the game … if that were true then the TU 12 update would be here now … MINDCRAFT IS GETTING BORINGGGGG ….its needs the new update now

    • Matt. St**e

      It says censored because you may have used the word ‘hoe’, ‘president’ (or something similar) or bad language. If you want to report bugs, message the creator.

  • societyandreligion is RETARDED

    i hate this website…it is all wrong

  • Des

    When is the dang update coming out cause myq kid is bugging me about it

    • Mykel

      I don’t have a kid, but I myself am a HUGE fan of the game, so I’m afraid trying to get your kid to stop bugging you about it would be like asking him to lick his elbows. Impossible.

  • Adam

    Please Add Servers!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt. St**e

      No servers :( but there is mash up packs and texture packs. :)

  • Nathan Hobson

    Will there be tekkit

    • Lewis

      of course there won’t be you stupid prick

  • sophie

    when is the tu 12 update coming out on xbox 360 I have been wating for days one said it will be out on 1 july seconed said 5 july but now it august

    • Mykel

      Don’t believe almost everything you read, tbh.

      All of the release dates are speculation. Find 4J Studios and/or Mojang on Twitter. Whatever they say about TU12 and any other TU updates in the future would be the closest thing to the real deal, as they are in charge of it.

    • Matt. St**e

      Before September, probably one week left.

  • Candy girls

    So it mite come out the 31 cause me and my friends Ben waiting a long time so keep working on it so it can come out faster

  • Matt. St**e

    Great. Another person with misleading titles. ‘Update next 2 days’, then, ‘Players are up for a few more weeks’. What is wrong with some people here? Why do they come up under ‘News’ for google search?

  • Dj plays minecraft

    Carrots are cool man poeple should not post things that are not the date of reales if you know what I mean

  • liam sheil

    Shut the fuck up Lewis faggot picking on other people on the Internet!!