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Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update Public Servers Connectivity

I think I have an idea for the upcoming Minecraft Xbox 360 update that will be a nice way to bridge the “server” problem.

Connecting your server to your friend’s server, using the edges of your server.

How this works:

Your XBL Minecraft map is a square, obviously.

In the settings, you designate four friends – one for each edge – to connect to. When you move towards the edge of your map, and your friend is online (she or he cannot be offline, as there would be no way to access that world) a portal effect happens (gives you a few seconds to move back out of portal if you made a mistake.)

When you portal, the game saves your server. The reason for this is to prevent duplication.

There will be no way to just take your diamond over to your friend’s server, drop it, shut off your console, and repeat.

Now, the game may not be able to handle loading 2 (or more) maps for separate people on one Xbox 360.

The only way I really see this being able to succeed is that everybody on your local Xbox 360 has to agree to go through the portal.

To make things fair, perhaps all local players have to be present at that portal for the warp to happen.

This way, you can’t just “warp” people to another server, then that person goes back through and they got a free warp to the edge of your map.

If you have friends playing on your server, and you warp out of your server, they MUST either leave with you, or just leave the server.

There is no way the map would be able to save to or load from your hard disk if you are not on it, so there would be no way for your left-behind friend to keep playing.

Limitations do not stop there, however.

Obviously, if your party size is larger than what’s allowed on your friend’s server at the moment (example: He has five people in his server, you have four in your local party) there will be no warp, and you will be given a message “Too many players on (Gamertag)’s server” or similar.

Also, you cannot warp to a friend’s server if you’re modes are incompatible (you are playing Survival, she or he is playing Creative.)

Again, to prevent doping and cheating.

I’m not sure where to go with this element, but I think that touching ANY edge of your friend’s map should warp you back to your original map.

I really don’t think it would be a good idea to allow you to warp to a friend’s server, then warp to their friend’s server (due to potential griefing issues.)

But, who knows? Maybe that would be awesome.

The only other issue (I see) with allowing multiple warps, is that you would have to “hardwire” you and your friend’s connection.

This means that you would have to send an “Edge Request” to a friend, and they will have to put you on one of their edges as well (to still allow you a way back home if you get to a server where your friend did not connect their server to yours.)

We could increase the connections to friend’s worlds by utilizing corners.

Designated the same way with the edges, but including the four corners of a map as more player options, totaling eight.

If you are nudging towards a corner (two edges) of the world, you will warp to that designated corner friend’s world.

Finally, this is not just map-tied. You aren’t connecting your edge to a friend’s world, you are connecting it to HIM or HER DIRECTLY.

Which means that you might have warped to their flat world yesterday, but if they want to play their normal seed today, you will be warping to that instead.

Summary, because I know some people might miss facts and flame me:

  • Set edges (and perhaps corners) to friend’s XBL Gamertags
  • Use the edges and corners to warp to ONLINE friend’s worlds
  • All players in a server will have to move to chosen server at once
  • (To prevent warp cheat) All people in a server will have to be present at same portal to warp
  • Game will not allow you to portal if too many players are in the server you are trying to reach
  • Game will not allow you to portal if your game modes are incompatible (Survival into Creative)
  • (Probably, due to tech issues) No warping from a friend’s world to their friends. Touching any of your friend’s edges warps you back to your server (at the area you warped from)
  • (Alternate from above) Must “Edge Request” to enable the warping, so your friend connects a way back for you
  • Game saves your server at warp to prevent duplication
  • Not tied to friend’s Map, tied to GAMERTAG (you warp to whatever map they are playing on at the moment)
  • (Alternate to above) Game will prevent warp if THEY are playing on another person’s map, using connections

No release date set for the upcoming Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update.


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  • xbox720

    i doubt this will happen, tu12 is prolly texture packs, and apple pie, emerald, skeleton siege, jungles, iron golems, with skeletons, wither boss, and will prolly include a new option to worlds which would be to set them to open> which will create a new option on join games there would be; join friends games, and join public games> public games would be more like how it is on pc anyone could join your game if its set to public, IT WOULD BE nice if they added a clouded a cloud server option to minecraft maps and made the maps be avaible on cloud so if its an open server on xbox cloud it could be a 24 hr game without you being online :D,

    or if they added texture packs to be enabled on specific maps :P so you dont always have to switch :)

  • thissitesucks

    Well, I have no idea what to say about this article. You high? Been taking your mommas pain killers? All I know is, I have no idea what I just read.

  • autostalker69

    How Is That Any Different then Multiplayer? The Purpose If Sharing A Map Or Server Would Be For My Friends To Be Able To Play If I Am Not Online. Way To Invent The Wheel But It Is Still Round. (Sorry About The Caps Phone Is Messing Up)

  • Kyle Keating

    Could we maybe post news for once? God forbid you do that. I’m so sick of googling “minecraft xbox tu12″ to see if they announced a release date and this shitty excuse for news pops up first.