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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 and TU13 Coming Soon

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] mean years down the road, months?

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU13 Update?

I want it to have the same constant updates like the attention the PC gets. I don’t want the game to die off (when or if) a Minecraft Xbox One Edition comes out.

Seems kinda silly to buy a game for the same price (Xbox 360/PC) and have one lose its replay value because new Minecraft Xbox 360 features are discontinued.

Meanwhile two other Minecraft editions (that are currently out) would continue gaining new features.

That being said I’ve worked in the same world for months and to me Minecraft for the most part is THAT save file. If another console edition comes out I really wouldn’t have an interest in it because most likely they wont had a file converter or anything of the sort. I would honestly be in love if they did that, but its very VERY doubtful.

Eventually the Xbox 360 will go even more down in price which I hope would be incentive to buy Minecraft for Xbox 360 and extend the development time for this game…

This runs me to my final question, Microsoft has hardball marketing strategies. To not release a new version for the Xbox One would be shooting themselves in the foot. I’m sure they are looking at how popular it is and have some idea of how they want to execute this. There is two ways they will go about this:

Option one would be to take their time and integrate features like kinect into the Minecraft gameplay.

Option two would be to rush it as fast as they can for a launch title and make a lot of quick dough. And pretty much make the same exact game from square one (as in Minecraft 1.0).

I hate to think that the announcement of the new system cutting us short on our Minecraft Xbox 360 exclusive features. Its really just unlucky timing indeed.

I can see us getting the next update and one more after that. Obviously the next one is another Minecraft Xbox 360 title update based on PC. And then the game is said to “branch off onto its own” Which I just don’t see happening more than one or two updates more.

Either way I’d say the longevity of this game is numbered to 1-2 years at the longest because of:

  1. People leaving to new consoles/PC gaming
  2. Possible new Minecraft edition for Xbox One and PS4
  3. Development discontinued due to lack of purchases of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

What are your thoughts? How are things go to play out in your opinion?


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  • Casey Kimmy

    sorry no one is going to buy xbox one because the sign in every 24 hours and ps4 might get it if the contract is up or not with microsoft

    • Ryan Burr

      Where have you been? Xbox One dropped mandatory 24 hour sign ins to the internet and also dropped their entire used game policy. So as far as that goes – it will be the same as the PS4. And I would be very doubtful of Minecraft coming to the PS4. Microsoft has so much money, and Minecraft Xbox 360 edition makes them so much money, that they wouldn’t allow their contract to end.

    • Brad C Good

      they said that you dont have to sign in every 24 hrs and you can play used games now

  • john

    guys maybe july 9 or july 16

  • john

    dont worry bout a update maybe soon it will come out

  • Craig Freckling

    Forget the 360 for now. The pc version already is a year ahead and the fastest way to get it is at


  • Lloyd Waller

    There is literally no point in reading this…Minecraft has already been announced for Xbox One…-_-.

    Just to add…this article was made almost a MONTH AFTER the announcement…

  • anu numus

    I feel like they should re-name it from xbox 360 edition to something else, something more universal for most consoles and then they would all become gazillionaires. But people are really stupid and do things like read stupid bullshit about minecraft updates. bleh. Let’s all kill ourselves, shall we?

  • Anon

    I think the overall point is this, like this writer, I don’t want to give up on Minecraft on the 360. Both of us want to see more updates as long as possible. Unfortionately, a large portion of people just rush to the new console EVEN IF THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT! Personally, at 500 bucks, I would never be able to afford it. That’s like 20 months of saving right there. I don’t want to see a game die, because players rush to a new console. Just like they rushed for new CoD games. It’s relentless and frusterating. I wouldn’t buy Xbox One anyway, that Kinect scares the crap out of me.

  • tigerlily

    me wa

  • tigerlily