Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU13 – The Nether Major Overhaul?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.r.michaud Michael Redente Michaud

    Im so sick of seeing this crap on the Google News feed. This is not interesting. This is just one dude speculating about shit he thinks is cool, and thinks should be in the game. Like every other single effing person on every effing minecraft forum ever.

    • skyeler haas

      that’s y the site is here u big baby. if u don’t like it stop using google and try the minecraft wiki

  • the one and only pussy

    you can’t add things to xbox Minecraft if they don’t even exist in pc Minecraft.

    • skyeler haas

      how do you explain the ender dragons ender acid being an xbox exclusive.

      • Alan yanez

        dude they might add that on to the pc next update you never know

        • Raptor Jesus

          The point was that the Xbox has something the PC didn’t already have. And no, the PC will only receive that by mods, because if you pay attention to either this string of posts or 4j/Mojang themselves, they even stated Xbox exclusive Ender Acid function. We do know… They told us. Read. Your soul shall Not be saved…

    • http://www.facebook.com/brian.cole.5682 Brian Cole

      well not to egg this guy on thats writing this stuff but eventually they plan on doing just that.

      • Alan yanez

        no not true this guy is making it based on terraria dude Demonite is in terraria minecraft has to be based on the same updates as the pc and 4j already confirmed that in TU12,its gonna be based in java update 1.2.3

        • Jesse

          They said they will bring it up to the PC version, but will eventually have unique content.

    • Jesse

      They already said the two will converge at some point. So, yeah they can. But I’m pretty sure TU12 is NOT going to have any of these suggestions.

  • Arion Blute

    This website is a joke.

  • Mike

    S&R staff just F*** off, no one really cares about your F***ing ideas

  • daniel morrison

    Wow the comments are better then the article

  • Daniel

    Since I visited this website it didn’t show what the correct date when title update 12.When does the update come out .

  • Brandon Silk

    Is this sight run by an 8-Year old? Seriously.

  • alex

    Nether fortresses already exist