Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 Really That Far Away From Xbox LIVE?

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]W[/dropcap]e would like to hear your thoughts on when you think the TU14 update for Minecraft Xbox 360 will be released. For what it’s worth, here’s our opinion.

With the announcement of Minecraft on PlayStation platforms as well as on Xbox One by Mojang and co. and all the buzz that has been generated by it in the mining community, we don’t think they can wait too long to release it.

Things like this have a certain amount of time where the excitement can build, and if nothing happens soon enough then the attention of the players will be drawn away by something else. Our guess is that it would need to be out before or shortly after Minecraft for next-fen releases. We just don’t think that 4J Studios can hold the attention of the public that long, and they would not have announced it if they thought it would take another six months to develop. In our opinion it would have been premature to show us anything if the TU14 update was really that far away from being available on Xbox LIVE.

Of course, we don’t know anything about making a game from scratch or coding or really anything to do with how development programs work especially in console ecosystem, so we could be very ignorant on the subject, but we imagine that there are those of you out there who do and could perhaps speculate the release date and the features based on what you saw with TU12 update.

Minecraft wiki implies that horses are on the table for a future update. Is it too soon to hope that for TU14?

We expect everyone out there would want all the other stuff too, especially the anvil, but we’re also partial to things that make the Minecraft world feel more alive.

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  • Rodney Ansah

    i want to know when minecraft xbox 360 update 14ut comes out

  • Trevor Philips

    next year, since they always take a long ass time

  • http://www.sovideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

    it is coming soon!! more info at http://www.sovideogaming.com

  • Scott Johnstone

    Well you guys really nailed that one! ;)