Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 Release Date Rumors, News and More

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]A[/dropcap]lmost as soon as the TU13 update was released for Minecraft on Xbox 360, speculation for the next update began.

The TU13 update was mostly focused on bug fixes and making things work a little bit more smoothly. Many hope that TU14 will add a few new things to the mix as well, making it a more substantial update. Rumors have flown across the gaming community, with gamers talking about what they’d like to see, what they think they’ll see, and what seems most likely to be updated.

Only Rumors

At this point, it’s accepted that there will be an update, but beyond that there really isn’t any information. Anything that is out there right now is just speculation about what will happen. Many people are hoping for a lot of things, but so far there’s no real information about what the update will hold. There’s also no real information on when it will be released. Everything out there is just rumor, speculation spreading from gamer to gamer.

The Release Date

While there really isn’t any information about the release date, there are many who think it can’t be that far off. Despite the fact that TU13 hasn’t been out there very long, many believe that the fact that TU14 has been discussed means that it won’t be very long until that update is out and ready to go. This is because most feel that it would be unwise for the company to release something that isn’t going to be seen for a long time. There is only so long that the company can keep interest in the update strong. Most believe that it wouldn’t be smart for them to have mentioned the update too far before it would become available. So there isn’t any information, but many speculate that it won’t be long at all before the update is released.

Hopes and Expectations

While many people are hoping for extreme updated items, such as the ability to transfer items from world to world, most don’t think the update will have anything that big. Because Minecraft is available on so many different platforms, most believe that updates will be smaller until those platforms are able to better work together, at which point there will be bigger update items. The thing most expected to be in this update are the ability to trade emeralds with villagers. Some hope for horses, others for a better chest system, and some for an adventure mode. However, nothing is really known about what will be included in the update.

There is a lot of speculation about the TU14 update, and rumors spread faster than facts. The biggest point of speculation is over when the update will be released. No matter what is included in the update, many look forward to it with excitement, and they are only left wondering, when will they get the update? The number one question remains, when will the update be released, how long will gamers have to wait before they can have it?

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  • Pepper Noose

    I sure wish they’d hurry up already! Quit holding out on us, Mojang!! I can’t take it anymore.. I need my “fix”, lol.

  • Bob Yasmine

    Cmon i need the bloody anvils

  • ecko x soldier

    right going to post a vid of these screeshots

  • ecko x soldier
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  • Tarick

    Need anvils and enchantment books please mojang

  • Tarick

    Try adding all computer edition minecraft to Xbox 360 minecraft edition