Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 Release: Trading with NPC Villagers and More

  • Hamish Fraser

    if they add villager trading superflat survival will finally make sense on xbox

  • Jacob Howell

    I think they should put clumps of trees on superflat worlds.

  • loco boy

    wither,wither,wither,wither,wither yeah

  • Christopher Gagnon

    dang it
    I hope they add new blocks and add walls

  • Coco aftermath

    They should add minecraft anvils and enchantment book

  • Kai

    I think they should add more tnt’s that would be fun

  • Kai

    They should do a free textur pack to and a free skin pack

  • tony

    hey everyone, the release date should be in november, for a fact but no one knows, if it comes in december 4J tries to push our buttons

  • tony

    the preasure is killing me plz upload the update plz 4J

  • Kai

    The pressure is killing us all

  • Kai

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Kai

    My button is pusht


    In TU14, 4J studios should add custome map such as adventure maps also they should add mods

  • Jonny Wilkins

    they should add something that the pc doesn’t have

  • jake sharkey

    When are horses going to be introduced to the game?

  • warpig

    They should have skins from the last of us and battlefield