Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 Release: Some of the Wishes

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]M[/dropcap]inecraft Xbox 360 video game is bracing up for a title update soon.

This is good news to the game lovers. It comes hot on the hills of the bug fix update of the TU13 version. The news of the Xbox 360 TU14 update has been in the pipeline since the last update that received a clean bill from the Microsoft experts. 4J Studios are set to release the Xbox 360 TU14 update.

What’s on The Game Menu This Time?

  • Villager Trade System

It is rumored that the villager system of trade will be added to the game. In the new setting, the NPC villagers will be able to trade using emerald with players. In other words, the emeralds will be used as currency. This precious stone is commonly found in temples, in the desert and under the earth. Yet, there is still more the Minecraft game lovers and enthusiasts should look forward to having in the game options and features.

  • The Adventure Mode

This is a new feature that is set to be added to Minecraft in the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 edition. The app is set to improve the game by safeguarding its adventure maps by securing them and preventing their loss. It is said to be able to limit gameplay in the video mode and enhancing the player made maps. It also has a system function that helps minimize the pressure exerted on the servers. Owing to the pressure of work, it is unlikely that 4J Studios will manage to release both the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 and the skin pack. The skin pack will certainly have to wait a while before it is configured and released with a fresh and exciting theme. In the meantime, anticipation is high for the Minecraft update. Minecraft is set for multiple PlayStation releases in the future.

When Will 4J Studios Release the Xbox 360 TU14 Updates?

Although the Xbox 360 updates will be made public soon, there is no certainty as to the exact dates when it will happen. In fact, you are requested to vote for the Xbox 360 TU14 update release. If you wish to participate in the voting, kindly visit the official Xbox website. In effect, the hullabaloo about the forthcoming updates of the Xbox 360 TU14 is just an unconfirmed rumor. Yet, the rumor is strong and comes from believable sources.

Some of the Wishes Xbox Gamers Want Included In the Updates

A fraction of players propose including horses and greater height in the adventure missions. They would like a longer, further and protracted vintage when high, like when in the tree house. A look beyond the horizon seems exciting here. But critics do not think expanding the world beyond will add much enjoyment to the game, besides it will demand generating more blocks. This trend is seen as untenable in the long run as it will require more memory.

The Minecraft Xbox 360 Xbox 360 designers may not extend the vintage scope because there are challenging technicalities involved. The slow loading challenges and the lag spikes are good reasons to make the development team more cautious about exerting more pressure on the game system.

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  • Noelle Beasley

    we want horses for minecraft xbox 360 i had a dream about it last night give us horses it was a great dream but thx to 4j its not true

  • Elizabeth santini

    I wish that the update would come soon

  • elaine

    they should add comand blocks i made a mini game a while back and it wont work without comad blocks