Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Update Release Download Even Larger Maps?

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]T[/dropcap]he Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 versions are now circulating all over the World Wide Web, especially if you check out websites that are dedicated for PC gamers and video game fanatics.

And indeed, the rumor that the Minecraft game will soon be available for PS4 as well, is definitely true.

Minecraft Game for PS4 and Xbox One

Since last year, Xbox players have been able to play their favorite game using their own special edition console of the 3D Sandbox builder. Soon enough, PlayStation players, especially those who are into PS4, will be able to get on with the action as well, due to 4J Studio’s decision to develop the Minecraft game for PS4 gamers.

In fact, PS3 gamers have been enjoying Minecraft on their console now and soon enough, the Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 versions. The game will feature even larger maps which result to more complex structures, and it also comes with an expanded multiplayer options as well as a much improved game play. However, it seems that the game will not be released around the same time that the new next generation consoles will be launched.

Benefit of the Doubt

If you have witnessed the latest fancy Xbox One commercial of Microsoft, then you will surely be impressed with the console’s new ability to issue voice commands for this upcoming next generation gaming console. Such is scheduled to be released at a later time. Commands such as “Play Star Trek”, and “Answer Skype Call” might be some of the best ways to control the machine, but what the commercial missed out on is that you might probably end up repeating yourself over and over again.

In fact, at the recent demo, the Xbox One gaming console was not quite cooperative as Microsoft would have expected. This is because about ten voice commands will have to be issued to the Kinect sensor a lot of times before they got a response. But as what the spokesperson has said, “Everything you saw here will end up so much better”. So let’s give the company the benefit of the doubt, especially on the new Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Release Dates

The developer of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has not provided a final statement yet on the release date of these next generation consoles. But on a conversation which took place on their Twitter account last November, one of the fans asked about the timeframe of the launch of these new products. The spokesperson of the 4J Studios replied by admitting that their development team has not yet confirmed the actual release dates for the Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 versions. However, his reply came with an assurance that they will definitely be making an announcement as soon as they have set the date.

Those who are too excited and just can’t wait for the release of the Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 versions can go online to check out some of the screenshots for this upcoming Minecraft game.

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