Minecraft Xbox One Release Date in April?

Minecraft Xbox One edition has highest possibilities to get a release date along with the title update 14.

The next gen platform release is getting delayed for multiple reasons which the developers have stated during different instances. The first and foremost reason is that they are working on four different platforms at the same time and this is quite difficult to handle for a small team. Even then, the developers confirmed that the feature updates for the older generation console is going fine while all the updates that got released on PC so far will make its way to next gen console. They also teased the player community with a bunch of screenshots that confirmed some of the updates that are making its way to the console. At the moment, a release date is pegged before the end of March or in the first week of April.

More Customization Options

The title got released for the Xbox 360 console almost a year ago before it got launched on the Sony platform. This trend may continue once again this time when Minecraft Xbox One edition will get launched much earlier. It will be the best version right after PC with all major updates including emeralds, trading system, new food items, temples with loots, tripwires, tripwire hooks, nether quartz and ender chests. There’s plenty to look forward to with the game because it will be fully updated with all features that got released on all other platforms. Players will have more options to customize with dye collar interface while the wolf collar colors can be changed as well. These interfaces were shown in a recent release that also included the trading window and the anvil repair interface.

Early April Release

A couple of days ago, 4J Studios took to the Twitter platform to announce that they are overwhelmed with the amount of questions pouring in every day about the game. The team confirmed that it would be weeks before the title update 14 for consoles will get launched. It looks more like a strategy to simply keep too many questions from coming in which will give them more time to work on the updates rather than answering them all the time. A fortnight back, the team made it clear that the update is indeed shaping up fine and will be ready in time for certification testing process. They shared that no official announcement can be made until it goes through the testing process. This didn’t stop them from releasing images and screenshots for Minecraft Xbox One which continued to keep ardent gamers engaged.

Bringing everything together, you can safely assume that the release date is nearing. Yet the developers have not made any official announcement. The team may even give the word out just a week before the official launch date, which they have done once. It won’t be surprising if they did it again and simply got the game out. It’s a very short wait and when it comes with all the anticipated features, Minecraft will be worth the wait.

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