Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Slated Along with Title Update 14

The console platform always have a release norm during the month of March and there are chances that Minecraft Xbox One could get released right around the corner.

While there’s only some time to go before the month ends, it is possible that 4J studios simply wanted to keep things under the wrap. They earlier said that the title update 14 is going fine which was the first sign that the team is indeed busy working on the console version.

Handling more than four versions of the game on different platforms is definitely an insanely difficult task that the studio has been doing flawlessly for a long time now. They earlier released the Xbox 360 version about a year ago and then it made its way to glorious game play with multiple updates. The TU14 is what everyone has been looking forward mainly because it is nearly confirmed that the next gen version will launch simultaneously along with the feature update. If it’s for real, then the release date is very close for the game.

March Release Date

A majority of most anticipated titles will usually make its way to the platform during the month of March. It is a tradition followed by publishers and 4J studios may hardly change what is already a norm. The studio tweeted some time back that there are weeks to go before the title update 14 can get released. Even though they are working to shape it up quickly, the team has to go through a certification process by Sony.

Only after the company approves it, they will be able to announce the news publicly and also confirm all those features associated with it. For over a year it was speculated that the Minecraft Xbox One edition will launch alongside the tu14 release for Xbox 360 console. With the month having the highest potential to witness a release date, players will finally see an announcement even sometimes just a week before the release date. Players are thronging to their Twitter account for confirmed news and it may come around any time, as a surprise announcement.

Launch Windows with TU14

The console launch window is during the month which has paved way for this speculation on Minecraft Xbox One release date. The game will have all the features that 1.3.1 update on PC platform had. The developers were constantly in touch with the gaming community and even released an interface update for the next gen version. The screenshots officially released by the team confirmed many other updates including carrots, iron anvil, trading with npc villagers, emeralds among many others.

The anvil will be an important feature addition which will allow you to rename items, repair them and also combine magical enchantments together for best results. Players will the gain advantage of being able to set traps using tripwire and hooks. All these additions will be part of the title when it officially gets launched on the platform. Players may get bigger maps and increased textures for engrossing gameplay experience. Just keep your fingers crossed for an announcement soon.


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