Hunger Games Map for Minecraft 1.5,1.4.7

Here it is, the map of Hunger Games. This map has fully wired Cornucopia, which can be set and started from the game-masters building, of which the doors will remain open until the timer is started.

The admins or game-master will able to start the game without breaking block or using fly mods or hacks. More importantly, Hunger Games map has already load of chests scatters around the map, so, be careful with the booby trap.

Also, the map is designed for 24 players and its clearly more exciting than twelve Districts of Panem. Get the maps below right away and have a great time. Good luck.


A set of suggested rules that most games tend to play by:

  1. No hacks or client mods allowed, including minimaps
  2. Only break leaf blocks, vines and mushrooms
  3. No placing blocks, Other than water/lava buckets
  4. Once you die you are out, even if it was suicide/mob kill
  5. if you become trapped you are also out.
    • (there shouldn’t be anywhere on this map but i may have missed some spots)
  6. Teams Are Allowed but only one player may win
  7. Have Fun and play fair

v2.5.4 changelogs:

  • Fixed Spawning issue
  • Added more film/book references
  • Added crafting bench at cornucopia, on a timer.

Downloads below : 

For 1.4.7

For 1.5

HungerGamesV2 1.5(13w09c).zip

Credits: Wasted49