Life HD Minecraft Texture Pack Download

Imagine a texture pack is made to create an extreme realistic world and the pack is named as Life HD texture pack. The pack improves the game’s visuals a lot better, possess a very wonderful quality textures.

This pack arr specially made to make our adventure world experience as exciting as possible. Life HD contains real and high definition pictures to make our game looks more awesome and realistic.

We also can enjoy a lot of fun benefits from water and lava animations, as well as a wonderful interface. Its just stunning, out of words.

Life-hd-texture-pack-3 Life-hd-texture-pack-2 Life-hd-texture-pack-1 Life-hd-texture-pack

Install Life HD Texture Pack for Minecraft

You can install this texture pack like all other HD texture packs. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the texture pack, using the link above.
  2. Download the HD patcher for MineCraft.
  3. Run the patcher after downloading and press ‘patch’ (making sure the HD textures and HD font boxes are ticked).
  4. Put the texture pack into the ‘texture pack’ folder, located where all your other MineCraft documents are.
  5. Open MineCraft and select it from the ‘texture packs’ menu.
  6. Enjoy

Download Life HD Texture Pack below :

For 1.5

For 1.4( 64x)

For 1.4(128x)