SilverMines Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.1, 1.5, 1.4.7

SilverMines texture pack is another most wanted pack for its finest quality of textures and colours. This is just a very early version of the SilverMines texture pack developed by Meoxxxam, which is awesome and exciting. Its another whole new level of style, its painted well in comic-style and all the quality images are in high definition.

More epicness with this adventurous and action base pack, everything is under our control we are going to rule our world with our own style of domination. Let our wildest imagination set free in this world. We can see the detail on the screen shots given.

Grab this pack right away and have a very great adventure. Lets witnesses a very wonderful and enjoyable texture pack. Cheers.

Install SilverMines Texture Pack for Minecraft

In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using OptiFine. Optifine is preferred as it includes all of the features of MCPatcher, and greatly increases game speeds and graphics settings. MCPatcher tends to be updated on the same day as Minecraft updates, so use it instead if you are in a hurry.

  1. Download either MCPatcher or OptiFine. If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3.
  2. For MCPatcher: Run the mcpatcher-X.X.X.jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
  3. For Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod – By opening minecraft.jar, and placing the .class files from Optifine’s zip file within.

Progress: 70% complete

Pictures :

Silvermines-texture-pack-6 Silvermines-texture-pack-4 Silvermines-texture-pack-3 Silvermines-texture-pack-1 Silvermines-texture-pack-2 Silvermines-texture-pack

Download SilverMines Texture Pack below :

For 1.5

For 1.4