Misled To Use Android and Never Considered Apple’s iOS

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a galaxy far far away, a battle raged between the Sith and the Jedi. The Dark Lord Wisconsinated joins the light side and leaves the old him behind, and now… All the Sith want him dead.

iSwitched – Two Months Later

Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but it certainly felt like it when I jumped Android to iOS almost 2 months ago. I did come off a bit sensationalistic as well as angry. Angry at myself that I had been misled to use Android for years and I never once considered iOS as a platform for anybody other than my mother-in-law or the non tech savvy. That changed with the announcement of iOS 7. I decided to jump in head first and get accustomed to the OS and snuggle myself into the Apple ecosystem so once iOS 7 was released, I’d be perfectly comfortable with it from having used iOS 6. Hell I even changed my Verge profile because I was so excited for the change. But would I get bored of iOS? I used to change roms like underwear, and people ask me, who know I switched, “Don’t you miss 5 inch 1080p screens?”

A funny story.

My brother-in-law has used the iPhone since the first model was released, and he’s never left the ecosystem. He probably has thousands of dollars invested in iTunes and maybe a couple hundred invested in the App Store. I had constantly made fun of him for owning an iPhone and have tried to get him to switch to android for years, but he was unswayed. There was something about the iPhone he wouldn’t give up. Around the same time I switched to the iPhone 4S, he ordered a shiny new Galaxy S4. Why you ask? I guess he wanted to give android a shot. He’d never used it but always heard the great things I’ve said about it. It was a bit like jumping down into Wonderland, or some alternate reality. The iPhone fanboy had just bought a Galaxy S4 and the android fanboy had just bought an iPhone 4S. I immediately said, having used the 4S for a bit, that he was making a mistake. Sure enough, he felt like it as well. Don’t get me wrong, he loved the Galaxy S4, for what it was. It had a big beautiful, high resolution screen, a fast processor and…. wait… there is more positive about it right? I don’t know, whatever ;p and… widgets I guess. After a little over a week of having the GS4, he returned it, for a shiny new iPhone 5, and I know for sure, he never looked back or regretted that decision.

So… don’t you miss that 5 inch 1080p screen?

To make a long story short. No. I really don’t, and here’s why. It took a little getting used to the keyboard on the iPhone 4S keyboard, coming from a 5 inch screen. At first it felt a bit cramped. What I did notice though, is that the touchscreen seemed more responsive to me when typing ,than on the Droid DNA. Maybe it had to do with Input Lag. But the keyboard felt a lot nicer to type on. I quickly got used to it.

But… but… don’t you miss customization and… WIDGETS!? Dear God, how could you live with out WIDGETS?!

Easy, I promise, there is life after widgets, my friends. And guess what? Widgets. Are. A. Gimmick.

I literally found that I lost no time performing the same tasks on the iPhone that I had performed before with widgets on Android. Keep in mind, there are people with 7 home screens they have to pinch to zoom and tap to get to, or scroll to find the page they are using a certain widget on. I would branch out to say that 9 out of 10 people that use android have a ton of homescreens with lots of widgets, but the truth is, its not any easier to find the widget on a home screen and use it, as it is to just open the app. This isn’t 1997 anymore people. Apps open on most phones instantly. The only time you are losing is the time it takes your finger to move to tap on the icon versus the time it takes your finger to move to the right home screen and get the information you need. Also I found that I didn’t really need widgets because the notification system was so intuitive and unintrusive on iOS. Facebook notification? A “1″ pops up on the icon. New email? A number pops up on that icon as well, just like android BUT, android is really annoying when it comes to notifications. Not only do you get a little number, but you get those annoying icons popping up on top of your screen. Its just not necessary to feel like a tedious job to keep clearing those notifications. I never use the notification shade on iOS. When I go there, I clear the notifications out, but certainly don’t feel pressured to, like on Android. Like an itch that you have to scratch or you go mad.

And to be honest, I really don’t miss customization and flashing roms. I like having everything just like I like it and not feeling like I need to constantly change. I really like not having to redownload a game I was working on, and having to play through it all over again. Especially on iOS, a lot of games use gamecenter to save where you were in the game. So even if you uninstall a game and reinstall a game, you don’t lose your progress. It’s so simple and yet so amazing you never have to worry about backing up your data. I know some people have had issues with iCloud but it works brilliantly for me.

So what, you like iOS, but I used it and it sucks, android4ev4r!

That’s fine. We have a difference of opinion. But if you have a friend with an iPhone, see if he’ll let you play with it for a little while. Approach any new thing with an open mind, and you just may find out that you love it. If iOS can turn a hardcore android fanboy like me into an iPhone lover, it just may happen for you as well.

The Finale and iOS 7

I just got ahold of iOS 7 beta 4 and then updated to iOS 7 beta 5 over the air on my 4S, and if you haven’t tried iOS 7 beta 5 on your 4 or 4S, it’s an amazing improvement. It’s so much more fluid. iOS 7 is beautiful to use on a day to day basis and even if I get a little less battery life than I was getting on iOS 6, it’s worth it! So if you have an iPhone and haven’t tried iOS 7 yet, jump in! It’s plenty stable at this point as a daily driver sans a little bit of battery, of course if you absolutely need your battery life, you may want to wait, but other than that, its amazing.

So that’s an update to my story. Let me know what you think, if you currently use android and are thinking about switching. Apple core has amazing, friendly and knowledgeable people to answer questions you may have and will welcome you into the Apple ecosystem like a family. Try to have an open mind, this is one of the few times in your life, you can think the grass may be greener on the other side, and it actually is.

Written by Wisconsinated

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  • utg001

    Amazing article, need to pin it and re-reaad it after going through never ending fights of Android this- iOS that- WP nothing-

  • Jordan

    Why would you go for an S4? The S4 is so poorly made on the UI side and build quality. Touchwiz is very ugly in my opinion, (and lots of people don’t like it either). He should of bought a Moto X or a nexus!