Moto X Felt a Little Cheap Compared To Droid Maxx?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] would also encourage anyone debating between these two phones to handle both in person.

Motorola Phones: Moto X vs Droid Maxx

I bought the Droid Maxx on launch day and later that week stopped in the AT&T store to do a side by side comparison with the Moto X.

The white Moto X I handled felt a little cheap in the hand – that is subjective though. I personally like the feel of the Droid in terms of build quality – it feels really solid and I think the kevlar/soft touch will be durable. AT&T had quite the security device on the Moto X so I can’t really comment on the comfort of using the device, but I imagine the Moto X has the edge.

With that said, I really like the 5 inch screen on the Droid Maxx. When you factor in the off-screen capacitive buttons (versus on-screen for Moto X) there is quite a large difference in the size of the screen. I don’t know the exact measurements but on-screen buttons cut a good bit off the screen. I am coming from an iPhone 5 and I really like the 5 inch screen size versus the 4.7 on the Moto X.

I am sure the battery life is good on the Moto X (based on the reviews) but having a device that simply won’t run out of battery even with heavy use in a single day is really liberating. Even David said in his review that it lasted 1.5 days for him. I rarely end the day with less than 50% battery with moderate use. It also charges very quickly. Coming from an iPhone 5 it is a game changer – when traveling I would regularly deal with a dead battery towards the end of the day. Based on my usage of the Droid Maxx I don’t see that being a problem anymore. I am not aware of any current phone that will beat the Droid Maxx in this area.

In terms of bloatware – the Moto X on Verizon is released tomorrow but I would expect the same bloatware. Even if it is a little different it is nearly stock Android – easy to disable the few things Verizon puts on there. Only thing I couldn’t disable was the Verizon Backup Manager (for contacts) – and from what I can tell it isn’t a resource hog. If you just can’t bear getting a device that yells DROID when you boot it up you should get the Moto X though – no way to disable that (without rooting – which is not possible yet) and it does indeed yell the DROID name as it boots. It won’t make the noise if it was in silent/vibrate mode when it last shut down though.

Everything else about the phones is exactly the same – both are great devices. I love the new Moto features. Using the active notifications all the time – they are super useful. Taking the device out of your pocket lets you easily unlock the device without hitting the power button. Flick to activate the camera is great as well. Moto assist is excellent too. Simply great features. Actually using the phone is a joy – I imagine the same experience on the Moto X exists.

In summary:
Moto X – smaller device profile/screen, different build/design (subjective), no DROID boot-up sound, on-screen buttons, good battery life, and cheaper ($199 for 16gb/$249 for 32gb).
Droid Maxx – bigger device profile/screen, different build/design (subjective), DROID boot-up sound, off screen capacitive buttons, excellent battery life, wireless charging, and slightly more expensive ($299 for 32gb).

*Not sure you can even get a 32gb model on Verizon for the Moto X initially – we will see tomorrow. If you are tied to Verizon and want a phone now, this is another plus in the Droid Maxx column. Also, in terms of design if you had to compare the Droid Maxx to a fully customized (by you) Moto X that would add a substantial plus in the Moto X design column… but alas it will be months before that comes to Verizon.

Written by Finderw

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  • Phil Schifley

    This is a rotten review. You give zero examples of how one phone “thrashes” the other. You apparently only handle the Moto X as a display device in a store, after acknowledging you bought the Droid for personal use. That gives you no comparison on battery life. And you barely mention a single feature of either phone. This article is an unhelpful piece of junk.

  • elpedroletigre

    Unfortunately I will have to agree with the comment below. You can’t compare two phones and write a good review just by picking up the Moto X in a store. Also, it’s really ridiculous that so many people writing reviews equate a bigger screen to a better phone. iPhones have a smaller screen than all of the Motorola phones and there are plenty of people who love their iPhones. I wanted the Moto X, because the screen IS smaller than others and they did a good job of making the body small too. I really don’t think I’d want a bigger screen. Plus the battery life is great- I can easily skip a night of recharging if I choose to.

    I also don’t understand how the Moto X feels cheap. I love the curved back with the little Motorola dimple and the rubberized material on it’s back. Also, I’ve read that other review that say the volume and power buttons are loose in the body. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but my buttons don’t feel loose at all.

    As far as bloatware on the Moto X, you are definitely wrong. Having had a Droid X from Verizon, I also expected lots of bloatware but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this was kept to a minimum with the Moto X. The build of android really does seem to be a bit slimmer than I’m used. I’ve had the Moto X for about a month now and it has never once lagged like my droid X did even when it was new. Also, the Moto X is the first android phone I’ve ever used that reduces the lag on instrument apps like a piano app enough to actually make it usable. iPhones have always done this well, but now I can play Fur Elise on my android phone too!

    Overall, the Moto X is the best android phone I’ve used and it’s definitely a good option if you want to get away from the Giant Screen android phones everyone else is making.

  • Kevin

    Although it’s been some time since both phones were introduced, I still need to chime in. Sadly, the person who “reviewed” the two has not updated this page.

    1st off, even though he said that his assessment of the X feeling cheaper than the Maxx is subjective, that’s not really so. The phones at the time (still are), the FLAGSHIP PHONES for Motorola. They are built with the SAME quality materials, and to boot, the X was assembled here in the US. Not that that last point makes it better, but it’s worth noting.
    Also, the Moto X not only has special clips to hold the front/back together, the two pieces are GLUED together which alleviates the “feel” and “sound” of ill fitted devices, so no…it CAN’T and does NOT feel cheaper by ANY stretch of the imagination. Just because the Maxx WEIGHS more due primarily7, 2014 its battery, is no standard to judge quality by. Geesh, that is like a child thinking that the BIGGEST present under the tree at Christmas is the BEST…NOT! :)

    My guess, is that should the Maxx continue to outsell the X, it is due PRIMARILY to the battery, NOT the minimal difference in screen size. The X was designed for what Motorola thought to appeal to more consumers as far as SIZE, as it certainly fits more easily in MOST people’s hands than does the Maxx. Plus, you place that heavier Maxx in a front shirt pocket or pants pocket, and it can be quite cumbersome.

    Granted, “BETTER” is relative, but don’t try to put one of these phones over the other as far as QUALITY. The only thing I can think of that I would have preferred the Moto X to have that it does NOT have (nor does the Maxx), is an LCD screen over the Amoled.

    PS: Right now, the Moto X is FREE! (August 7, 2014)