Mucins Used To Prevent the Spread of Biofilms

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]iofilms, that are known as slim layers of bacteria have severe effect in medical and industrial usage.

A Revolutionary Way To Prevent Bacteria Infection

When these biofilms form on a surface, it becomes difficult to remove the same. Great research has been done on this issue to find the solution behind its occurrence and eradicate the same.

However, there is a possibility that formation can be prevented from occurrence. According to a recent MIT suggestion, polymers that are found in mucus act as a possible protective layer against biofilms.

These polymers are known as mucins which trap the bacteria present in the biofilm.

Katharina Ribbeck, Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering, states that mucus has been in existence for millions of years and helped manage how we interact with microbial world.

Finding an inspiration from the world will help develop new strategies that prevent development of infections.

Mucins can be used on different equipment to prevent the spread of biofilms.

The same can also be used for personal hygiene. They can possibly be incorporated into toothpastes or mouthwash to prevent the growth of bacteria in the oral region.

This is helpful in people who have lost the development activity of mucus that decreases the body’s defence system.

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